Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Pain

Laser Therapy Treatment Brooklyn NYC
Laser Therapy Treatment Brooklyn NYC

A healing modality that’s full of promise and positive results, cold laser therapy treats damaged tissue with energy that spurs your body’s natural systems to heal itself faster.

Laser therapy eases pain and inflammation when administered by pain relief doctors like those at physical therapy Brooklyn. Whether you desire laser treatment for sciatica pain, joint pain or other soft tissue pain, visit your local physical therapy practice in Brooklyn.

Almost every branch of medical treatment now includes some kind of laser therapy. Cold laser therapy can be used for a variety of physical therapy purposes. When working with pain conditions, the process involves specific wavelengths tuned in such a way as to encourage and quicken healing in inflamed tissue.

A quick and relatively painless treatment, cold laser therapy is applied using a small, hand-held unit to directly target the area of discomfort or injury. Each application lasts for a few seconds or up to several minutes, depending on your condition.

The laser frequency, which sets the wavelength of the transmitted energy, has the ability to pass through your skin and fatty layers to the inflamed muscle or tendon tissue.

The treatment provides relief by encouraging your body’s natural healing process to normalize the damaged tissue. As your cells absorb the light energy, you can expect to see reduced pain and inflammation, while speeding up your recovery time.

Conditions Alleviated by Cold Laser Therapy

Because laser treatment for pain can target many types of soft tissues by adjusting the energy output, many different conditions have benefited from cold laser therapy. At local physical therapy practice in Brooklyn, trained specialists have seen improvement in a number of injuries and tissue conditions, such as:

The Advantages of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Hand Physical Therapy in Brooklyn NYC
Hand Laser Physical Therapy in Brooklyn NY

There are pros and cons to laser treatments for pain and inflammation. On the plus side of cold laser therapy — it’s a non-invasive method for reducing pain, inflammation and discomfort. Because the treatment requires no incisions, you experience a relatively quick recovery time.

The treatment usually reduces or eliminates your need for pain medications.

You may also see a return to greater flexibility and strength in the targeted area. Because movement and activity often speed recovery, laser therapy helps break the cycle of pain, which encourages you to return to a healthy exercise regimen to improve your strength and flexibility.

Other positives include:

  • The absence of side effects
  • Its capability to treat chronic and acute conditions
  • The customized treatments
  • Effectively treats pain, rather than just blocking it
  • Treatment that not only isn’t painful, but actually feels good

Laser heads can be interchanged to suit specific areas and needs. With the latest available software guiding your technician, you experience a truly personalized treatment.

The Disadvantages of Cold Laser Therapy

The disadvantages include the need for multiple treatments to get the full benefits. While the actual length of your appointment is usually minimal, cold laser therapy does require a time commitment for multiple sessions.

Other cons of this therapy include:

  • Occasional aggravation of old injures
  • A lack of coverage by Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies
  • Some patients don’t experience a complete reduction in pain or discomfort

Inform your therapist if you have any possible carcinomas or suspicious lesions, you’re pregnant or you’re being treated for a thyroid condition. Cold laser therapy should never be used near your eyes or without protective eyeglasses. Make sure you understand the risks before you undergo the procedure.

A Viable Alternative

With the opioid crisis in the forefront of the news, most clinicians have understandably backed off from prescribing the drugs. But there is still a widespread issue of chronic pain throughout the country that has many people seeking viable alternatives.

Laser therapy may be the answer for the millions of Americans dealing with acute or chronic pain.

Our top physiotherapy specialists in Brooklyn offers you faster healing times. You may experience increased, helpful blood flow or even a bolstered immune response. These effective treatments not only reduce the need for medication and surgery, but also allow you to return to a productive, active lifestyle. Laser therapy for pain symptoms pairs well with other modalities, such as lymphatic drainage massage.

Providing Long-Term Pain Relief

Whether you want to treat sciatica pain, back pain, joint pain or inflammation, laser treatments offer the promise of a non-invasive therapy that works. It treats the source of your pain, while encouraging long-term healing, strengthening and flexibility.

It targets your tissue damage on the cellular level, ensuring that actual healing occurs without the dreaded side effects of surgery or medicines. And since your body’s tissues aren’t heated, risk of injury or burns are eliminated.

While cold laser therapy holds promise, it’s still considered experimental by the FDA. The medical community has been searching for alternatives to invasive procedures and addictive medication for pain relief. Laser therapy harnesses your body’s natural ability to heal, providing maybe the best hope for you if you have chronic or acute pain. Contact TRI Physical Therapy to set up an appointment.

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