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Tri Medical Therapy, Pain Management, and Trauma Center is pleased to announce the availability of a lumbar discectomy, performed by the highly skilled and experienced pain management specialist, Dr. Ilana Etelzon. Lumbar discectomy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure designed to provide rapid relief from debilitating back pain and associated symptoms, enabling patients to regain their active lifestyles.

A lumbar discectomy is an outpatient surgery crafted to eliminate the herniated portion of the lumbar disc, providing swift relief from back pain. Unlike traditional open lumbar discectomies, this procedure employs smaller incisions and techniques that are more gentle on the body. Dr. Ilana Etelzon utilizes cutting-edge methods that emphasize less invasive approaches, leading to improved patient outcomes and minimized discomfort during recovery.

Lumbar discectomy offers rapid alleviation from lower back pain, weakness, tingling, and sciatic nerve pain, often triggered by herniated or bulging discs. Employing minimally invasive methods, this procedure minimizes disturbance to back muscles and accelerates the recovery process. It serves as an effective treatment for diverse conditions such as lumbar arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and radiculopathy.

Dr. Ilana Etelzon, a trained pain and musculoskeletal specialist, focuses on breaking the pain cycle and restoring patients to an active, pain-free life. With her expertise, patients can now benefit from cutting-edge treatments at Tri Medical Therapy Pain Management and Trauma Center.

If you experience persistent back pain that hasn’t improved with nonsurgical methods such as activity modification, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, or steroid injections, you might be a candidate for lumbar discectomy. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Etelzon to discuss your options.

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