Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy by TriPT in Brooklyn NY
Physical Therapy by TriPT in Brooklyn NY

The practice of physical therapy began in the 1800s as a way to help polio victims. It gained traction in the 20th century, helping soldiers injured in war. Today, it’s a proven pain management practice that not only stops you from hurting, but also corrects the physical causes of certain pain. Whether you’re suffering muscular, skeletal or nervous pain, you can find lasting relief at Tri PT Brooklyn.

Moving your body may seem natural, but many factors can disrupt or inhibit movement, causing pain or frustration during your day. Physical therapy helps overcome, correct or minimize pain, discomfort and limitations almost anywhere in your body.

Range-of-motion and strengthening exercises help you recover from injuries and illnesses to your:

Your first impression of physical therapy may be from your doctor’s referral after surgery or an injury. You stand the best chance of a full recovery by regaining your strength and flexibility with professionals who can safely control and monitor how you move. Physical therapists guide you in the proper way to move to ensure your muscles and bones recover to regain maximum strength and flexibility. This also helps prevent future injury.

Physical Therapy for Medical Conditions

Physical Therapy / Laser Therapy by TriPT in Brooklyn NY
Physical Therapy / Laser Therapy by TriPT in Brooklyn NY

Your Brooklyn-based physical therapist has the tools and expertise to keep your body moving as you strive to overcome certain illnesses and injuries in your life. Medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, deformities of the spine or limbs, strokes, and other medical conditions can compromise your mobility, which further causes your muscles to degenerate.

While aging bodies lose strength and flexibility, you don’t have to settle for this loss of mobility. Arthritis physical therapy treatment also helps combat the normal discomfort, stiffness, and immobility of arthritic conditions.

Encouraging coordination through balance physical therapy enables you to remain fully active and more engaged in the activities you love. Physical therapy techniques include:

Lower Back & Pelvis Exercise

Download Lower Back & Pelvis Exercise (Lower back pain relief video size: 273MB)

Upper Back & Neck Exercise

Download Upper Back & Neck Exercise (Upper back pain relief video size: 171MB)

Physical Therapy for Everyone

Physical Therapy Center by TriPT in Brooklyn New York
Physical Therapy Center by TriPT in Brooklyn New York

Additionally, simple guidance and education regarding posture and proper form help children, actors, athletes, singers and dancers. Avoiding injury is always preferable to repair and recovery.

Work-related injuries and rehabilitation gets you back to your best condition and able to enjoy a higher quality of life, regardless of your profession.

Office workers spend a significant portion of their day in chairs. They can also benefit from preventative physical therapy, learning the proper seated posture and injury prevention. In this way, they can stave off back injury or conditions involving repetitive motion from activities such as typing.

Sports-Related Therapies

Active lifestyles often include sports activities, where injuries occasionally occur. If one is bad enough, surgery may be required, with accompanying post-operative rehabilitation. Sports injury rehabilitation is a valuable service even if you don’t need surgery. It can help resolve:

On the positive side, sports-specific performance and development physical therapy often helps unique bodies prevent certain injuries. It can also help you excel in your sport of choice. Enhancing your training through isokinetic exercises, marathon recovery treatment and functional exercise training takes your game to the next level!

Everyday Concerns Helped by Physical Therapy

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Physical therapy for headaches and migraines gives you hours of your life back by working to resolve structural issues contributing to your pain and stiffness. Active release technique, trigger point therapy, and myofascial pain treatment all target the muscles and structures that aggravate discomfort and headaches.

If you’ve noticed unusual pain and discomfort, especially in your back, during your pregnancy, there’s a physical therapy program for you. Not only does physical therapy relieve pain, it can also help you through any prenatal back pain you’re experiencing. Your body changes encourage you to find the movements and remedies that make this time as joyous as possible.

Goals for Your Physical Therapy

Your body is designed to move. With a hands-on, one-on-one approach, your Brooklyn physical therapists tailor your treatment to meet the healthy, pain-free goals you’ve set for yourself. Your therapist works dynamically to enhance your experience and results. As you rehabilitate, you enhance your function to deliver your best performance.

Whether you’re recovering from injury or surgery, try to find your best activity level while dealing with your other medical conditions. If you wish to enhance and strengthen your exercise and athletic abilities, physical therapy has a place in your life. Call today to regain an active, involved life.

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