Sports Physical Therapists

Sports PT

You can get physical therapy services to focus on different parts of your body that need it, from your feet to your neck.

Only sports physical therapists deal with your whole body — every muscle group and joint — to help you achieve maximum results from your physical endeavors and optimal recovery from any unfortunate mishaps along the way.

Heal fast, get strong and regain your competitive edge at the TRI Physical Therapy practice in Brooklyn.

Sports physical therapy is a subset of physiotherapy that focuses on injuries commonly seen in athletes. Therapists who specialize in spine and sports PT also help with overexertion injuries or prevention of injury by supplying the appropriate exercises, optimal workouts, and care for stressed muscles and tissue.

Sports Physical Therapy For Everyone

Luckily, sports PT isn’t just for professional athletes. Amateur athletes, aging exercisers, and even those experiencing osteoarthritis benefit from the education, experience, and care a good spine and sports physiotherapy center can offer.

Your best PT therapist in Brooklyn has access to the ever-evolving information, studies, journals and methods best suited to your injury or limitation.

Types of Conditions a Physical Therapist Treats

Your sports medicine physiotherapist guides you to your strongest and fullest recovery after an injury, optimal movement during your exercise routines, or greatest mobility in your everyday life. Some common areas of concern include:

  • Range of motion limitations, especially with your limbs or large joints
  • Reduced strength
  • Compromised balance
  • Torn, bruised, or damaged cartilage, resulting from an injury or surgery
  • Relearning motion after simple or compound fractures
  • Swelling and stiffness in joints due to osteoarthritis
  • Correction of poor posture or damaging movement
  • Chronic pain issues due to injury or arthritis
  • Over-trained or overused muscles, tendons, or joints
  • Neuromuscular conditions requiring different methods of movement

Types of Spine and Sports Physical Therapy

Spine and Sports Physical Therapy

Your therapist at our local physical therapy practice tailors your treatment plan to your injury, history, concerns, and goals. New advancements are continuously developed, but some of your best treatment options may include:

  • Yoga. Slow, careful movements and stances increase the strength and balance not only in your large muscles but also in the tiny, often ignored muscles that act as vital support.
  • Hydrotherapy. Water exercises and movement techniques help minimize physical stress by providing buoyant, anti-gravity support to your compromised joints.
  • Manual therapy. Hands-on pressure enhances your mobility.
  • Shockwave or electrical stimulation. Ultrasound waves or electric bursts access hard-to-reach muscles with a calming effect.
  • Isokinetic exercises. These rigidly paced exercises manipulate small, intensely focused areas.
  • Hand therapy. This therapy focuses on the intricate, tiny muscles and tendons associated with your fingers, thumbs, wrists, and palms.
  • Marathon recovery treatment. You need treatment that focuses healing on your depleted muscles and joints specifically affected by a marathon performance.
  • Concussion rehabilitation. After a blow to the head, you require specific techniques and services to recover completely from concussion symptoms.
  • Kinesiotaping. Using Kinesio tape or another taping modality can help your recovery process.

Goals of Sports Medicine Therapy

Returning to your full physical potential depends on many factors, including the type of injury or condition you present to your therapist. Assessment and treatment plans consider your goals, as determined by you and your therapist together. These goals may include:

  • Targeting your injury or overused joints and muscles with movement and pain management techniques — treatments such as heat and cold reduce pain and inflammation while promoting recovery
  • Decreasing your pain and increase your mobility through holistic approaches, including muscle massage and manipulation
  • Increasing your strength in safe, effective ways with the weight from your body, a machine, or resistance bands
  • Increasing your agility, reaction time, speed, and other sports-related performances
  • Improving your range of motion through manipulation, pressure, assisted exercises, and hydrotherapy
  • Undergoing orthopedic services designed to restore your previous levels of activity and function quickly
  • Helping your reconditioning after an illness or surgery
  • Preventing future injuries while enhancing your athletic performance

Finding your way back to your previous strength, balance, and movement is the focus of our sports physical therapy practice. Translating office exercise into home exercise and future injury prevention all help keep you mobile, active, and competitive in your favorite game. Find the most cost-effective methods to encourage your healing in a friendly, professional setting, right here in Brooklyn. Enhance your body through greater strength and movement whenever you need it. Enjoy a longer, more active life. Contact TRI Physical Therapy today.

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