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Over 35 million Americans are currently living with a chronic lung disease. You shouldn’t have to worry about having trouble breathing while you’re playing catch with your kids or going for a nice stroll with your dog – you deserve to be excited about doing your favorite activities! At TriPT NYC, our skilled physicians and physical therapists will work alongside you to improve your conditions and get you back to the things you love most! 

We understand that you may feel hesitant about embarking on an exercise program that may affect your breathing. Through our comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program, you will receive individualized therapy regarding your physical health and receive education on how you can improve your pulmonary health. We will design a regimented rehabilitation plan that works with your goals, so that you can feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle!

The objective of the pulmonary rehabilitation program at TRIPT is to alleviate some of the residual effects of the Coronavirus experienced by many patients. Our highly experienced doctors and therapists at TRI PT employ a variety of techniques, that are customized for each individual patient, to help you bounce back from the residual effects of the virus.

Pulmonary physical therapy may include:

  • Individualized aerobic and anaerobic exercises to increase endurance, strength, and lung capacity
  • Breathing techniques to improve breathing capabilities and oxygen capacity
  • Postural re-education (poor posture impairs respiratory functionality) 
  • Manual therapy to increase rib expansion
  • Activity modification to improve overall pulmonary well-being 

All the activities are performed under close supervision and monitoring of your oxygen levels and other vital signs to ensure safe and measurable results.

Our interdisciplinary team is here to help you regain your life back if you have experienced any pulmonary conditions that have intervened with your breathing. Using exercise training and behavioral educational programs, we can help you control your minor or chronic symptoms so that you can resume your daily activities.

TriPT’s comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program is designed to provide treatments for all types of pulmonary-related conditions, as well as helping you implement lifestyle changes that will help you feel better and stay active. Our priority is always to improve your life!

We accept most major insurances, Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid!

Contact us today for a consultation and initial assessment so that you can get back your life – one breath at a time!

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