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Hand Physical Therapy Exercises

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Broken Hand Physical Therapy Exercises

A broken hand potentially requires setting and healing. But your recovery isn’t complete even after you’ve healed. That’s the time to turn to hand physical therapy at your best local Brooklyn practitioner.

PT clinic for a broken hand — or another hand ailment — strengthens your hand, so that you have as much strength and dexterity as you had before your injury. You can feel the difference in your hand after you’ve done physical therapy for a broken hand injury. Our hand physical therapists are among the best rehabilitation specialists in the region. We are using the latest technological advancements and techniques to relieve your hand pain. Come visit our hand physical therapy center to meet our leading therapist in Brooklyn Anna Fyodorova, MS, PT, DPT, MBA and schedule hand therapy exercises today.

Injuries to your hands impact your quality of life because you can’t do everything that you need and want to do in your life and work. Adjusting to nerve loss or dealing with acute or chronic pain takes energy away from other things you want to do.

PT doctors can reduce your recovery time and guide you to the most effective methods for healing available after a broken hand or another hand injury.

Physical therapy for a broken hand, for example, requires a qualified therapist and a commitment from you. Your Brooklyn hand therapist has the resources to speed and enhance your recovery, but you have to commit to a full round of sessions and the exercises. Your physical therapist educates you to move properly, using exercises and techniques to assist in your recovery. Using non-invasive methods, your physical therapist helps you regain strength and mobility after surgery or injury.

The Benefits and Goals of Hand Physical Therapy

Physical therapy benefits hand injuries in various ways, including:

  • Providing relief from acute or chronic pain
  • Educating you about home exercises to increase strength and flexibility
  • Treating your pain and nerve conditions without surgery
  • Using tools and aids to help you cope with nerve or digit loss
  • Dealing with chronic conditions such as neurological concerns or arthritis
  • Rehabilitating from a stroke
  • Recommending orthotic devices
  • Caring for your wounds and scars

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Physical Therapy for Your Hand

The hand therapists at the center have a variety of methods at their disposal. Which exercises or techniques your therapist employs depends on your injury. To help you regain use of your fingers independent of each other — and harness the greatest flexibility and strength possible in your hands — your physical therapist uses methods that may include:

  • Massage to loosen constricted muscles and tendons
  • Exercises that isolate each digit and enhance independent movement
  • Squeezing therapy putty to encourage a stronger grip and movement between digits
  • Supportive exercises to do at your desk to stretch your wrists, thumbs and fingers
  • Use of heat and cold to reduce pain and inflammation while stretching muscles and tendons
  • Mobility exercises such as stretches, grip strengtheners and finger lifts
  • Appropriate splints and guards for providing protection of damaged or injured tissue
  • Jar openers, button threaders and long-handled grabbers to assist your daily activities
  • Nutritional supplements to accent your other recovery efforts
  • Topical creams, medications or injections to provide temporary relief during the healing process

A broken hand can invite you to develop bad habits. Stiffening joints can lead to more serious problems. Visit your local Brooklyn physical therapy practice to ensure your best recovery to prevent complications. Weakness and stiffness in your hands affect everyday tasks, whether it’s typing, playing sports or performing work-related activities.

Suggested Physical Therapy Exercises for an Injured Hand

Relieving tension while regaining strength and flexibility are the goals of your hand physical therapy exercises after a broken hand or any hand injury. A full recovery can hinge on doing the proper hand exercises in the correct way. Some hand exercises your therapist may recommend include:

  • Making a fist
  • Bending each individual finger in toward your palm
  • Bending your thumb toward your palm and stretching it toward your pinky
  • Making an “O” shape with all your fingers or with individual fingers
  • Lifting your fingers, one at a time, from with your palm down on a table
  • Raising your thumb in a thumbs-up position
  • Rotating your wrists
  • Doing aquatic therapy to provide resistance and strengthening
  • Modifying your activity, such as changing to low-impact exercises
  • Doing tendon gliding exercises that decrease swelling and reduce scar formation

Doing exercises increases your range of motion. These exercises also reduce the risk of impinging inflamed muscles and tendons on the delicate and sensitive nerves in your hands, fingers and wrists. Whether you’re dealing with trauma, wounds, scar tissue, fractures, burns or missing digits, your hand therapist wants to help you achieve the strongest possible grip and coordination between your fingers.

Your hand physical therapist in Brooklyn finds a balance for you between pushing through discomfort and not overdoing your recovery. The goal isn’t to compromise your healing, but to facilitate it. Delicate hands require delicate treatment and your knowledgeable hand therapist can help guide you. To get started in your recovery, contact TRI Physical Therapy.

Do you have any questions about the hand physical therapy in Brooklyn NY? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best rated hand physical therapists? Please contact our office to schedule a consultation for physical therapy for hand. Our hand specialists have years of experience providing physical therapy for broken or injured hand in Brooklyn.

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