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Patient Reviews


“Hi, my name is Dennis. My name is Antonina. And we are professional dancers. We are two-time US national champions, well championship finalists and you might know us from the hit TV show World of Dance on NBC. As professional dancers, we constantly use our bodies. That’s why it’s so important for us to stay healthy and recover from injuries very quickly. Whenever we get injured, we always turn to doctor Arkady Lipnitski. He is absolutely the best. He is a true professional and he is an expert in his field. Doctor Arkady Lipnitski always helps us very quickly. He gets us back into the game in no time. We are so grateful to him and we highly recommend his services.”

“Hi, my name is Michael and I had a fracture, unfortunately. I was skiing so then I had a surgery after which I had to add physical therapy and I’m so thankful to Dr. Arkady Lipnitski and Vic. They helped me a lot to get my hand working again. As you see it’s working. So good luck guys. And would you recommend this to others? Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I would recommend this physical therapy to all people who have you know similar problems these are the best physical therapy specialists. I’m so happy I’m here. Thank you.”

“Good morning. My name is Roger Winters and I’m with Tri physical therapy for over 15 years. I’m a very blessed person to be here. The comfort that I receive weekly from Lennie, the top physical massage therapist, is incredible. It makes me a better nanny, a better mother, a better human being because I do feel I’m getting the best care for my body which is a little broken but that’s okay because I come here, I leave very satisfied. And I feel put together and the trust level is amazing. So anybody that feels broken or is hurt or in an accident, I fully recommend coming here because they are simply the best.”

“Hi, my name is Aviva Ronnie. I am a yoga teacher and Taichi teacher. And I had a left shoulder frozen shoulder is going downhill and find this beautiful Rebalance and just met up for four sessions and now I can do this. And you came from where? I searched online, came all the way from Costa Rica. New York City, it’s awesome. All the way to New York City and wish I can stay longer and I will be 100% if I stay another week but I’ll work on. And it’s just reprogramming of my mind with a muscle and shoulder. It’s… I would take away a lot. Thank you, doctor. Anytime. Thank you.”

“Hi, my name is Alexander Chornisitov and I’m the current World Amateur Latin championship finalist and the winner and finalists of all major championships in the United States. Dancing is a very demanding sport and an art form. And sometimes I get injuries and when I do get injuries I make sure that I come to the right place which is Arkady Lipinski’s office. Arkady Lipinski has great knowledge in the proper body mechanics and that combined with the latest advances in physical therapy will absolutely guarantee you row to a successful recovery. So if you get injured, make sure to come to Arkady.”

“Hi, my name is Rebecca. I go to TRi physical therapy. My physical therapist’s name is Anna and we do muscle-strengthening. I’m a dancer so it helps make me feel stronger, more confident. I feel much better about myself and I would recommend it to all my friends and family.”

“So, what brought you to physical therapy? I had an accident a couple of months ago and I had elbow surgery. So, after one month of stabilization of my elbow, I need physical therapy for some period of time. That’s the reason I’m here. Have you made improvements since coming to our office? Yes, definitely. When I was in here actually my elbow was about 90 degrees. And obviously, you can see I can open it almost fully. Thet’s awesome. And would you recommend our office to others? Definitely. 100 percent. I’m working with Vic, he is the most knowledgeable therapist and a great person. I can recommend him. And the place is very nice, very helpful, very friendly. It’s everything is on time. Thank you.”

One of my favorite patients, she’s a trooper. So, frozen shoulder, few months. There’s an underlying problem with that. Walked in about a month ago, she was about 20 degrees right here and could not sleep. “I couldn’t get my arm, like, like maybe about here”. About 45… Alright so, we are inactive care now so there was a lot of work done manually, shock wave, and what have you.

“Hi, everybody, my name is Rene Soyfuhrman. I’ve been a patient of doctor Lipnitski for about two years now. I have had two spinal surgeries as a teenager for the treatment of scoliosis. It’s left me with quite a bit of post-operative pain and struggle for over 15 years now. I am an operating room registered nurse and sometimes I tend to injure myself with some lifting and patient care. And he is the only one that’s been able to get me back on my feet. I absolutely am grateful to him and I wholeheartedly professionally and personally recommend doctor Lipnitski. And thank him for helping me with such a huge struggle in my life. Thank you, doctor Lipnitski.”

“Hi, my name is Elena. I am going for about two months to physical therapy 2279 Coney Island Avenue. My physician is Conie. She did a good job, a great job. I have damage in my knee and my hip. I was in pain for so long but after two months, I feel much better, I’m walking better. Thank you so much and I recommended all my friends to come here.”

“Hi, my name is Brian. I’m treating a roll-torn rotator cuff with Vic here and Petey and I recommend this place to everybody because I’m feeling much better now.”

“I am Valentina. I came to TriPT 6 months ago because I rolled my ankle and without the help of Dr. Conie I would have not recovered the way I did. They have excellent scheduling, they’re super dedicated and it’s a super fun environment!”

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