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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymph Sinus Drainage Massage Specialists

Your lymph nodes are the glands that serve as hubs for releasing vital fluids through your body. Lymphedema is a common condition that can be caused when specific lymph nodes are surgically removed or damaged by an injury or infection. Our therapists at the massage clinic use sinus drainage massage to treat symptoms of lymphedema.

In Brooklyn, you don’t have to suffer with the symptoms of lymphedema. TRI Physical Therapy has Brooklyn’s PT doctors who have successfully treated the painful condition with decompressive lymphatic drainage massage for sinus.

Similar techniques are used to soothe swollen sinuses and reduce facial swelling.

Frontal lymphatic drainage massage also called sinus drainage massage is a technique your physical therapist may recommend to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, which transports nutrients, white blood cells and oxygen throughout your body.

This frontal decompressive massage technique may be highly recommended if you have lymphedema, which is swelling and fluid buildup caused by damage to or removal of some of your lymph nodes.

Lymph drainage massage helps your body’s lymphatic system maintain circulation, fluid balance and immune function. Your specialist at PT clinic in Brooklyn is specially trained in this sinus lymph drainage treatment. It can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with lymphedema and other conditions.

Lymphedema Treatment with Lymph Drainage Massage

If you have lymphedema, you usually experience swelling and heaviness in your legs, arms, shoulders, feet, hands or chest. You may find it really difficult to move one or more of your joints. Just doing some of your everyday activities becomes challenging.

Using frontal decompressive lymphatic drainage massage for sinus in a specific sequence, the physical therapy technique stimulates the lymphatic system so that the life-affirming fluid called lymph can begin to move freely once again through your tissues and lymph nodes.

Lymphatic drainage massage in Brooklyn becomes part of a plan to restore you to daily functioning.

Your physical therapist performs sinus drainage massage in Brooklyn by using a carefully planned series of stretching, cupping and gliding movements over your body. The massage technique follows the direction of the lymphatic system. Your therapist uses very light pressure and long rhythmic strokes. The treatment isn’t just for the affected area, but for parts of the lymphatic system all over your body. Lymphatic massage may be followed by compression bandaging to help reduce swelling.

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Sinus Drainage Massage

Sinus drainage massage is a specialized form of decompressive lymphatic drainage massage for sinus that offers relief if you frequently struggle with sinus pain and pressure, headaches or nasal congestion. Your physical therapist can teach you massage techniques to help relieve pressure and promote drainage from your sinuses. If you do it correctly, you can maintain the therapy at home when you need it.

Sinus drainage massage can focus on a single pair of sinuses that’s bothering you, or it can be done to stimulate the lymphatic system in all your sinuses. The sinuses that may require treatment include:

  • Frontal sinuses, located in the center of your forehead above each eye
  • Maxillary sinuses, located on the sides of your nose and below your cheeks, but above your teeth
  • Sphenoid sinuses, located behind your nose and between your eyes

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Your Face

Besides being used to drain lymph nodes throughout your body and in your sinuses, lymphatic drainage massage can also be used for aesthetic reasons.

Your physical therapist may decide to use the massage technique to reduce swelling and puffiness in your face and around your eyes. It’s a non-invasive procedure that, in many cases, takes the place of other, more intense cosmetic procedures.

Facial swelling may be caused any number of conditions, ranging from skin problems and sinus issues to side effects following plastic surgery, all of which may point to a sluggish lymphatic system. Stimulating the lymphatic system using lymphatic drainage massage for your face can reduce swelling, inflammation and puffiness. One sinus drainage massage can lead to quicker healing.

This type of sinus drainage massage is done on both the face and neck to stimulate tiny lymph vessels to begin moving lymph down your neck to your collarbone and into the rest of your body.

Other Conditions That May Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Although the lymphatic drainage massage is best known for treating lymphedema, there are several other conditions that may benefit from this type of sinus drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage may help relieve pain caused by arthritis or orthopedic injuries. It also shows promise in the treatment of fibromyalgia and may relieve the stiffness associated with this condition. Swelling and fatigue associated with menopause may also benefit from this form of treatment.

A well-functioning lymphatic system contributes to your optimum health. Your best Brooklyn physical therapist is specially trained in using decompressive lymphatic drainage massage for sinus when indicated. You can begin the physical therapy treatments after you get a referral from your physician or if you simply contact TRI Physical Therapy on your own. Either way, your PT specialist reviews your medical history and gives you a thorough exam before beginning any lymphatic drainage massage for sinus treatments. Lymphatic sinus drainage massage is a hands-on, one-on-one approach to integrative rehabilitation.

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