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Manual Therapy

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Manual Physical Therapy Specialists

Whether you’re recovering from a procedure, healing from a sports injury or just seeking to improve your daily functioning abilities, manual physical therapy offers a pain-free, non-invasive solution. At physical therapy in Brooklyn NY, your physical therapist is trained and experienced in manual physical therapy and relies on it as an integral part of treatment for a variety of reasons. Integrative manual therapy is a process that takes into consideration your total performance and movement.

Manual PT (hands-on physical therapy) is a very old branch of medicine that’s being honed to a fine science by physical therapists today.

Your physical therapist at TRI Physical Therapy center in Brooklyn can manipulate and move parts of your body in ways that reduce pain, improve range of motion, and encourage health and healing. The technique is usually used as a way to treat pain, but manual therapy can also be used to promote wellness or even help you reach your physical potential.

Manual physical therapy (PT) requires knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Touch and movement is used for diagnosis as well as for treatment. Your top rated PT specialist uses all of the traditional physical therapy tools: consultation, observation and specific analysis with a computer to craft a treatment plan that helps you either heal or improve your physical well-being.

Custom Made for You

Manual therapy sounds a lot like massage or chiropractic treatment, but there are some major differences. Your PT doctors in Brooklyn relies on a wide range of tools to first make an assessment.

Careful analysis of your movement patterns can reveal what may be causing your pain or dysfunction. Analysis can also determine what you can improve to function better.

When there are physical problems or even just imbalances, your body may compensate in a way that causes harm, such as limping, which can lead to other, more serious complications, like spinal imbalances and back pain. Orthopedic manual back pain physical therapy is widely used to treat back pain, leg and knee disorders and following hip replacement surgery

Manual therapy goes a step further to employ manipulation and touch to make an assessment. It’s not just a feel-good relaxation technique or a one-size-fits-all healing process. Manual PT is actually used to uncover the root cause of any issue. Think of your physical therapist gently rotating your ankle to find the exact angle where pain comes in, and then using this information to develop a treatment plan.

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Healing with Hands-On Physical Therapy

Integrative manual therapy involves the understanding that all the different systems of your body are connected. It’s a holistic approach that TRI PT prefers. The goal of manual PT is to stimulate your body in such a way that causes it to self-heal. Hands-on physical therapy has a tendency to improve blood flow in ways that can help you to feel relaxed, even though relaxation is not necessarily a direct goal of the treatment.

Manual therapists use techniques such as applying pressure to nerve and muscle groups, stretching tendons and ligaments or moving joints around. Sometimes, your physical therapist uses a lot of force to increase mobility in a limb or joint. Conditions that farewell from manual physical therapy techniques include:

  • Muscle tightness
  • Nerve pain
  • Swollen tendons
  • Stiff joints

Manual therapy also tends to push your body in directions that it might not usually go, making it easier for you to use these new motions when you’re not in the physical therapist’s office. It’s a common technique used to help you function better and enjoy increased mobility in your everyday activities. As such, it’s commonly used to treat conditions that affect basic living functions.

What’s the End Game?

Whether you’re in pain and need relief, are seeking to heal from an injury or want to improve your range of motion, manual physical therapy can help. Your body is a sophisticated machine, but sometimes it can work against you. Manual therapy uses this understanding to trigger self-healing in your body.

Manual therapy can be used to:

  • Break up scar tissue
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve muscle function
  • Create additional flexibility
  • Increase range of motion for joints
  • Combat muscle spasms
  • Learn new ways to move
  • Calm nerve reactivity
  • Boost athletic performance

Hands-on physical therapy in Brooklyn is a common tool used by physical therapists working with athletes who want to improve their performance and as part of the rehabilitation process following a sports injury. The benefits of advanced manual therapy are far-reaching to improve the quality of your life. It’s commonly used in conjunction with other PT modalities, such as:

  • Therapy following surgery
  • Treatment for headaches
  • Runners’ treatments
  • PT for arthritis
  • Loosening up a frozen shoulder
  • Rehab after a work-related injury
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