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PRO Sports Specific Performance Program

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Sports Performance Specialists

You don’t have to wait until you’re hurt or injured before you see a physical therapist. You may believe that you need a doctor’s referral or be rehabbing following a procedure to get hooked up with the holistic regimen. But you don’t. Physical therapy provides an integrative approach to the human body. And its techniques are especially useful to both professional and amateur athletes.

Through a program specific to your needs and goals for the sport of your choice, your physiotherapy doctors in Brooklyn at TRI Physical Therapy can help you reach your peak athletic abilities.

Although your first impression of physical therapy (PT) may be one of painstaking rehabilitation, it isn’t just about overcoming injuries. Physical therapists have lots of training on how bodies move most effectively.

In addition to a wide and diverse education in anatomy, your local sports performance therapist at physical therapy center in Brooklyn received extensive training in sports medicine. There’s a growing trend of athletes who rely on physical therapy as both a preventive measure and an all-around exceptional path to honing your technique in whatever sport you play.

Brooklyn’s top sports perfomance specialist can help you craft a sports specific development program to take you to the top of your game. Over several consultations, your therapist analyzes your technique, finds any weak spots and comes up with exercises that are tailored to your sport’s needs. Using this approach, you’ll be playing safer and healthier; all while significantly amping up your skill level.

The First Consultations


When you first start your physical therapy, you need to discuss what aspects of your game you want to improve.

The team at TRI PT already has a good idea of the movements involved in your sport, as well as the common pitfalls and solutions.

Talking about your goals gives your physical therapist a better idea of what your sessions will focus on. You always receive personalized attention and plans based on your goals and needs.

But talking only goes so far. Physical therapists have training in analyzing body movements. The most commonly known technique is called gait analysis, which is part of helping injured people learn to walk again. It’s also used help people move in a manner that’s healthier for them. But this analysis can be applied to any movement. Your physical therapist may even use computer recording and programs to zoom in on tiny details of your technique. This analysis identifies problem areas and figures out what solutions and exercises you can use to improve.

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Developing Your Routine

Say, for example, you play in a baseball league and you’d like to smack balls out of the park more often than you do. Doing pushups and weight training to build arm and upper body strength is great, but it may not translate directly to the field. Instead, your Brooklyn physical therapist can help you develop a specific regimen that is perfect for your goals. What part of your swing needs more pop? Is it the way you step into it? The way your hands drop? The way your waist pivots?

The point is that once you and your physical therapist review your technique and find a way to achieve your goals, you come away with a set of exercises that’s tailored to your exact needs.

If you’re a football player, you may do a lot of high stepping to build up your legs. Or maybe you’re a swimmer, but you just need to improve your wrist movements on one type of stroke. This makes it easier to identify and practice the exact movements and improvements that will help you shine.

Injury Prevention

Staying healthy is just as important as improving your performance. Without proper functioning abilities, you put yourself at risk for a future injury that could knock you out of the game for good. Your Brooklyn physical therapist can also help you stay healthy so you can keep doing what you love. Preventing the need for sports injury PT allows you to keep improving your game.

Most sports have typical injury patterns that your physical therapist sees on a regular basis. For example, a huge proportion of pitchers end up with forearm and elbow injuries. Tweaking just a few things, such as how the wrist snaps in the follow-through, can drastically reduce this problem. By identifying the risk factors, you are be able to minimize dangerous or unhealthy movements.

High Performance Goals

Little things add up in sports.

Your physical therapist can use the same analysis to figure out when and where your body wants to go in the wrong direction. This way, you can add little corrections to your routine. This makes you not only a more skillful, but a healthier player.

Combined with suggested exercise routines and other services offered through this Brooklyn PT clinic, you end up boosting your performance. Perhaps you feel tense just before big games. You may want to take advantage of a professional massage before or after the event. Manual therapy, trigenics or kinesiotaping may prove to be a good adjunct to your exercise program to prepare you for your next challenge. Through the entire process, you get the services you need to help you create your own way of becoming the best athlete you can be.

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