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Fracture Rehabilitation

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Fracture Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation and recovery from a broken bone goes far beyond the cast or plate your physician uses to treat the fracture. After a period of rest, you need to regain lost function and strengthen your muscles to support vulnerable bones. And you can’t rely on your ordinary workout routine to achieve optimum health.

Your physical therapist offers both structure and experience in fracture rehab to get it right. Following an exceptional PT plan, you feel better, function more efficiently and reduce your risk of further injury.

Broken bones need time and proper care to heal. If you’re a relatively healthy adult, a fracture usually takes between six and eight weeks to heal. But this time frame depends on you following a rehab program closely. Physical therapy (PT) is meant to help you regain mobility, strength, balance and weight-bearing capabilities after a fracture.

Your top rated Brooklyn physical therapist offer techniques and exercises aimed at getting you through the healing process successfully.

The most important thing is to regain the functions that allow you to do day-to-day tasks again, work effectively and play without restrictions. A good PT regimen gets you back to where you used to be in the shortest possible time.

Practical Benefits of Physical Therapy Following Fractures

The overall point of PT is to be able to perform your regular activities unhindered. To that end, your physical therapist may have you practice getting into and out of bed, going up and down stairs or walking for set periods of time following a broken pelvis or hip. You may need to practice walking correctly after you break bones in your foot or ankle.

Regaining mobility is the primary goal of physical therapy after a wrist fracture, so you begin by rolling, rotating and flexing your wrist. Your physical therapist helps you adjust if you needed a plate and screws to repair a broken wrist.

You’re directed to do exercises aimed at strengthening your hands and fingers. PT for elbow fractures is particularly specialized because almost every activity involves bending your arms. Functional exercises for an elbow fracture that you got at work target the specific type of job you do every day.

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When to Start PT After a Fracture

Your doctor prescribes orders for your physical therapy that aligns with your Brooklyn physical therapist’s personalized schedule for your rehabilitation.

PT should begin very soon after a fracture for the best outcomes. Modest movements are recommended in the early stages of your rehab. For example, just sitting upright can be a good early exercise to help your hip heal.

You may begin with the assistance of physical therapy devices such as standing bars, walkers and crutches following a broken leg or hip. As you get more comfortable and the healing process progresses, you move to more rigorous movements. Additionally, your physical therapist gives you a number of simple exercises to do at home without any equipment to maintain and boost your recovery.

Health Problems Don’t Solve Themselves

Back pain should never simply be ignored. If left untreated, your pain could become chronic. When spinal or joint misalignment isn’t treated, it can lead to advanced spinal conditions or degeneration. A proactive treatment program now can spare you a more pain later.

Working with a physical therapy specialist to strengthen your spine and maintain its mobility while you’re pregnant benefits more than your spinal health. It also eases the pain of pregnancy. Because it promotes proper body balance and alignment, it also improves the condition of your womb for your baby. And that can result in shorter and easier births. So even if you’re not yet in pain, save your back and make your pregnancy easier by contacting TRI Physical Therapy.

After the Bones Heal

Your physical therapist is first devoted to getting you back to your daily routines in the quickest and safest way possible. But your rehabilitation doesn’t end there. Prevention plays an integral role in your full recovery. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge our PT center offers. You won’t break more bones or suffer needlessly from other injuries that could be prevented with proper form and attention.

Once you’re healed, consider some of the other hands-on, one-on-one services offered at the Brooklyn spa-like practice, such as:

  • A program designed to enhance your performance for specific sports
  • Specialized runner training
  • Isokinetic exercises
  • Massage
  • Recovery in motion

Build a relationship with your physical therapist. Start today by calling TRI Physical Therapy in Brooklyn.

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