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Neurological Rehabilitation

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Neurological Rehabilitation Specialists

If you have a condition that’s just beginning to affect your mobility and motor functions, you may be a good candidate for neurological rehabilitation from your physical therapist. When a surgical procedure or trauma affects your nervous system, advanced neurologic rehabilitation at a local Brooklyn neuro rehab center can provide the necessary procedures to get you back to your optimum functioning levels. On the other hand, a debilitating disorder may be chronic and irreversible, in which case you must learn new ways of doing things at one of the top neuro-rehab facilities, where your physical therapist is trained and experienced to provide expert help.

The main goal of physical therapy is to restore the functions you had before an injury or illness. Accidents and disease affect your body in a multitude of ways, each of which may require a different physical therapy (PT) approach. Furthermore, PT is a useful practice to prevent future damage. Your PT doctors at local Brooklyn neuro rehab center offers a wide range of services intended to help you improve your performance in a sport or work activity.

When you’ve had damage to your nervous system that affects your mobility and daily functioning, you’re well-advised to rely on the expertise of a physical therapist operating out of a neurological rehabilitation clinic. With specialized training in evaluating and treating nervous system injuries, your best physical therapist prepares an individualized neuro-rehab plan for you to restore and improve your mobility.

Disorders Benefiting from Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation


It’s always a better alternative when you can get treatment for your mobility issues without having to go through surgery or take powerful pain medications. PT at a neuro rehab center in Brooklyn can provide treatment for a number of conditions that may fall directly into that category. And the therapists at TRI Physical Therapy have the experience and skills to help you succeed.

Some of the common nervous system disorders that can benefit from physical therapy include:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Stroke
  • Balance problems
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Vertigo
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Amputations
  • Multiple traumas
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc
  • Cerebral palsy

If you have a history of falls, even before you break a bone, you can benefit from PT at neuro rehab facilities in Brooklyn. You always receive care and attention to help you get back to your daily routines as safely and quickly as possible. And since you are a unique individual with your own set of circumstances, your treatment plan won’t look like anyone else’s.

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Goals of Neurological Rehab

Whether your physician refers you to a physical therapist for neurological rehab or you initiate treatment, you first undergo an evaluation at the neuro-rehab center. In addition to a thorough physical exam and history, your therapist listens to you explain your problems and your goals. The limited mobility you’re going through may be able to be resolved or you may have to compromise with less aggressive goals. Either way, you’ll work out a plan that provides you with the most freedom and independence possible.

A physical therapist trained in overcoming limitations linked to nervous system disorders offers techniques and devices that help you strengthen areas such as:

  • Coordination and balance
  • Cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • Range of motion and flexibility
  • Fine motor controls
  • Skills involving perception
  • Strength
  • Sensory and cognitive processing

Through a plan that involves functional exercises that target your specific lifestyle, you can work on activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs may be as basic as grooming and cooking or as high-functioning as driving and golfing.

Because your PT team in Brooklyn is so multi-faceted, you may even work on specific sports performance through a sport-specific program.

Tools of the Trade

Whether you need to restore lost functions or improve the mobility you currently have with your neurological condition, your physical therapist relies on a range of tools to help you achieve your goals. You may learn how to use assistive mobility devices like a cane, walker or crutches, and then move onto stability bars to build strength and coordination required for independent walking.

Advanced neurological rehabilitation may include a visit to your worksite to discover the types of reconditioning you may need to get back on the job. Work-related injury treatment is very specific and designed for your unique situation.

Some of the exercises and treatments that your physical therapist may employ as you progress through your rehab may include:

  • Treatment for headaches
  • Retraining after a broken bone that also affected your nerves in the area
  • Treatment for dizziness
  • Hand therapy to reintegrate certain fine motor functions
  • Isokinetic exercise for pain management
  • Treatment after surgery
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