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WORKfit program at TRIPT

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WORKfit program at TRIPT

WORKfit offers rehabilitation services aimed at the prevention and reduction of work-related injuries. Employers and employees can rely on WORKfit for the evaluation and treatment of injured workers—getting employees back to work safely and efficiently.

WORKfit is a comprehensive and proactive prevention, rehabilitation and wellness program.

WORKfit services may include outpatient physical and occupational therapy, functional capacity evaluations, physical training, work conditioning/work hardening programs as well as injured worker navigation.

Our physical therapy in Brooklyn NY works closely with the employer and employee to facilitate communication and ensure a smooth treatment workflow to help employees recover and return to work.

Injury Recovery Services

  • Wide spectrum of Diagnostic Services
  • Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational therapy Services
  • Pain management Services

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Therapy for Everyone

Preventative Services

Generate savings for your company by taking advantage of our WORKfit preventive services that enhance employee productivity and create savings on employer healthcare costs.

  • Physical Job Demand Analysis
  • Job coaching and early symptom intervention.
  • Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Testing
  • Physical Agility Baseline Testing

Establishes the employee’s current baseline physical abilities prior to beginning work.

  • Ergonomic Risk Analysis & Correction Planning
  • Early Intervention Services

Reactive Services

  • Work Injury Navigation Program
  • Innovative Injured Worker Therapy Services

Using the Occupro system objective testing of the injured workers abilities are compared to job demand analysis to ensure workers are returned to appropriate light duty or full duty positions in a timely manner.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Fit For Duty Testing

Prior to returning to duty from any nonworkrelated or work-related illness or injury, this testing determines the employee’s ability to handle the physical demands of the job.

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