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Trigenics Therapy

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Trigenics Pain Therapy

Trigenics therapy is designed to help you reach your full performance potential while relieving pain and bringing you back to full functioning mobility.

Trigenics for knee pain has proven to provide excellent results, often occurring after just one session! Your physical therapy team in Brooklyn at TRI Physical Therapy is trained and experienced in the use of trigenics to deliver the best results for you. Call today for an appointment.

Trigenics therapy is a modern approach to physical therapy (PT) that aims to reprogram the way that your nervous system talks to your muscular system. It works in two ways:

  • Through trigenics, your pain can be treated effectively and completely, since pain comes from your muscles, bones, joints and tissues communicating to your nervous system.
  • At the same time, your motor skills, strength, coordination and range of motion can also be improved because these all involve your nervous system sending messages to your muscles.

When the physical therapists at Tri Physical Therapy use trigenics, they rely on a range of equipment to stimulate different parts of your body and make a diagnosis. The equipment also measures how your reflexes are functioning. Trigenics first involves treatment procedures in our physical therapy office. Afterward, once you “graduate,” your reflexes become retrained.

Trigenics therapy has been the first reported technique to cure certain knee problems and shoulder problems. Although it’s not needed in every situation, trigenics is a powerful and promising new approach to physical therapy that may get you back to your optimum performance levels.

What to Expect from Trigenics

Expert PT professionals who practice trigenics consider it to be a valid, but alternative approach to healing. It’s part of an integrative approach, rather than a single, standalone technique. You can expect to see some unfamiliar equipment, but your physical therapist also may use only manual therapy in combination with trigenics.

Your physical therapist needs you to participate in the process. This often means providing resistance and flexing muscle groups during treatment. For example, your therapist may have you make a fist and extend your arm. Then, while he holds your fist in place, he asks you to try as hard as you can to raise your arm.

The most intense procedures may involve deep massage, tissue manipulation or electrical stimulation while you’re providing resistance.

If you’re trying to correct severe pain or dysfunction, the treatment itself may cause some discomfort. You can opt for a local anesthetic, but all trigenics procedures are mild enough for you to be conscious and alert. Also, conscious participation is part of what helps you retrain your reflexes for better mobility and less pain in the future.

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Pain Relief Par Excellence

Trigenics can repair some structural damage and break up scar tissue, but the real magic happens by altering the way that your nervous system communicates with your muscles and joints.

Trignics has even been reported as the only treatment to cure certain types of knee pain, such as runner’s knee, and shoulder pain, such as frozen shoulder, in just one session. Typically, you require multiple sessions, including some practice and training between sessions.

Trigenics has the advantage of using non-invasive procedures. In many cases, helping you avoid surgery is a primary goal. Your skin does not have to be broken at all during a trigenics procedure.

Some patients who have tried other methods, especially for shoulder and knee pain, have reported that trigenics has worked better than anything else. Trigenics also seems to make other treatment and health practices work better, so that your exercise routine, massage therapy or other physical therapy work best if paired with trigenics.

An Athlete’s Dream

Trigenics is a modern technique within physical therapy that uses understanding and knowledge of different branches of medicine, such as reflexology, neurology and osteopathy. This approach can be used to help you reach your optimum level of physical function.

Each movement that you make involves a chain reaction, called a kinetic chain, in which signals move from your nervous system to your muscles.

If anything in your body slips out of alignment, it can cause problems in your movements. The rest of any particular muscle system has to compensate for awkward or incorrect movements. Trigenics has become a popular adjunct to other PT modalities. For example, it’s now part of a sport-specific performance enhancement. Athletes can rely on trigenics to help them heal from sports injuries as well.

Even if you’re not in pain, trigenics can restore smoothness to your movements and a range of motion that you didn’t even know you had. It works by first identifying areas of tightness or incorrect posture, and then using the procedure of stimulation and resistance to correct them. For this reason, trigenics can not only relieve pain, it can also help you reach an athletic potential that may shock you.

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