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Prenatal Back Pain Treatment

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Prenatal Back Pain Specialists

Back pain and pregnancy commonly occur together, as your body falls under stress as it changes to accommodate your growing baby.

You can find pain relief and prepare for an easier delivery by doing prenatal lower back stretches and prenatal exercises under the supervision of an PT specialists. Also take advantage of specialized treatments designed for pregnant women suffering from back pain.

There are a variety of drugs, treatments and therapies to help you deal with back pain. But being pregnant drastically limits the treatments you can receive. An alternative to drugs is to work with a physical therapist to develop a prenatal back pain program. Physical therapy is a safe and effective means of combating your pain.

As your body continues to grow and change during your pregnancy, it’s easy for you to lose proper alignment and balance. The prenatal physical therapy program at TRI Physical Therapy is designed to address the causes of your pain. Your personalized program is likely to combine:

  • Stretching
  • Exercises
  • Heat and ice therapy
  • Physical manipulation
  • Posture correction

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Relief and Prevention Together

Your prenatal back pain program treats your existing pain through a combination of treatments. But it’s also intended to prevent your pain from getting worse or presenting in different ways. Your physical center works with you to develop a safe exercise plan specifically for you.

Prenatal back exercises help you maintain your spinal health. Our experienced physical therapists recommend a variety of prenatal exercises to strengthen your abdomen and back. The goal is to maintain a healthy range of motion and increase your comfort level whether you’re moving or settling in.

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Lifestyle Coaching

The full program extends beyond your treatment sessions into your home. Your treatment plan takes into account your lifestyle, activity level, and medical history. After your initial evaluation, your therapist is able to offer advice to reduce your discomfort.

There are also several minor lifestyle adjustments that can significantly reduce stress to your lower back. Follow your physical therapist’s suggestions to:

  • Squat instead of bending over when you need to pick something up
  • Surrender your high heels until after your body recovers
  • Use an additional back support if you’re going to be seated for a period of time
  • Stop sleeping on your back
  • Lay on your left side with a pillow between your knees when you sleep
  • Wear a support belt under your abdomen
  • Focus on getting enough rest
  • Elevate your feet whenever possible to reduce strain on your lower back and swelling of your feet

Getting Physical with Prenatal Back Exercises

The primary focus of a pregnancy back pain treatment is rooted in the solution instead of the problem. Prenatal back exercise follows prenatal lower back stretching so you don’t hurt yourself.

Start slowly, and you can prevent most of your discomfort. But your physical therapist has two highly successful options for reducing and managing your existing pain:

    1. Manual therapy, along with manipulation of your spine and joints, promotes your spinal health and alignment without surgery or drugs. The techniques achieve this goal by physically readjusting your misaligned joints. Since this practice reduces the stress on your spinal nerves, it improves your overall health.

Your pelvic region is undergoing a lot of changes to prepare for giving birth. If your spine or other joints are misaligned, it can lead to:

      • Your baby settling into a breech position, which potentially may require the need for a C-section.
      • Intrauterine constraint, which is often the result of an exaggerated increase in the curve of your lower back. When this happens, your abdomen tends to protrude farther than it should. This can result in reducing the amount of space that your baby has to develop.

When your spine and pelvis are balanced and aligned, your baby has an easier time moving into the correct position. So when you undergo lower back pain treatment, physical therapy for back in pregnancy, you not only resolve your immediate pain, but you typically experience faster and easier labor with fewer complications.

  1. Prenatal massage therapy has been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as address physical symptoms. Massage therapy during your pregnancy can improve labor outcomes, too. The level of relaxation you achieve through massage can:
    • Significantly reduce your stress levels
    • Regulate and balance your hormones
    • Improve your cardiovascular health
    • Increase your circulation
    • Reduce any headaches or muscle tension
    • Relieve swelling and edema
    • Help you to achieve a deeper, better quality of rest
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