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Being involved in a car accident and dealing with the physical pain and limits it can impose on your daily life can be stressful. To support you and assist you in achieving your recovery objectives, Tri Physical Therapy offers MVA injury rehabilitation. Let’s address all issues, including ligamental issues that are sometimes overlooked, for a full evaluation and the best possible care.

Every year, hundreds of patients with the same complaint of persistent neck, mid, or lower back pain visit our clinic. They frequently have a history of being engaged in a little accident that left them with what they believed to be a minor injury that was dismissed as a soft tissue condition. They undergo a battery of examinations, including MRIs, to determine whether the disc was ripped, herniated, or otherwise damaged. Many people and clinics tend to dismiss these rather slight changes. As time goes on, people find it increasingly difficult to bend forward and backward whether standing, sitting, or lifting objects. This indicates that during the collision, a ligament damage occurred, leading to the ligamentous instability that frequently follows a Fender Bender.

Tri Physical Therapy has 25 years of experience treating critical MVA injuries that required attention, like whiplash. We make every effort to prevent degenerative disorders of your spine like arthritis and ensure that your joints receive treatment at the scene or shortly after the injury. We offer the most complete care, ensuring that we are providing patients with the best care possible. Due to the fact that we all have various educational backgrounds, the same problems are being addressed by multiple doctors for the same patients. A physiatrist’s evaluation of a patient’s level of disability and degree of trauma might point the physical therapy team in the proper route for rehabilitation.

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