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Don’t let your rotator cuff injury hold you back this spring and receive amazing shoulder pain physical therapy!

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Rotator cuff injuries and general shoulder pain often occur as a result of overuse strain or the body beginning to break down. It can affect your strength and range of motion in that area, but physical therapy has greatly helped people regain the use of their shoulders. If you’re undergoing shoulder pain therapy, a physiotherapist will often check your functional abilities, work with you to set realistic goals, and create a personalized treatment plan for your shoulder pain. 

TRI Physical Therapy (PT) provides physical therapy in Brooklyn for patients dealing with recurring shoulder pain or rotator cuff injuries. Our team of physical therapists will help you work towards greater shoulder mobility and pain relief with our advanced techniques, routines, and procedures we perform. With our frequent treatment plans and regimen, we’ll help you alleviate the pain in that area and get your feeling normal again. Additionally, our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive exercise and maintenance plan to help you keep the quality of your shoulder intact after our therapy sessions. 

TRI PT is dedicated to helping people heal from their shoulder injuries and getting them back to regular strength. 

What Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain Injuries? 

The most common cause of shoulder pain or rotator cuff injuries happens when the tendons in that area become trapped under the shoulder’s bony parts. The rotator tendons become inflamed or damaged, leading to a condition called rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis. Although this can be a common injury for athletes that heavily use their shoulders, this condition can affect anyone who repeatedly performs overhead movements during work and everyday life. Examples include painters, electricians, and carpenters. 

Shoulder pain and rotator cuff ailments are also often caused by old age, as that area becomes more susceptible to breakdown. In addition to bursitis, shoulder pain can be seriously affected by tendinitis, strains, or tears. Tendinitis can be inflamed by the overuse of the rotator cuff and can cause some pain. On the other hand, acute and long-term rotator cuff strains and tears can result from a sudden fall, accident, or injury from physical activity. 

Other causes of repeated shoulder pain may include shoulder joint arthritis, bone spurs, broken shoulder bones, and shoulder dislocation/separation. Poor shoulder posture and bad mechanics can also contribute to pain in your shoulder. Another condition to consider is frozen shoulder, which happens when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments become too stiff.  

Above all else, our physical therapists at TRI PT can help you get through your shoulder pain by alleviating it at the source. Our treatment methods ensure you receive the best care possible. If you leave it neglected and untreated, it can lead to some unwanted consequences. 

What Can Happen If You Don’t Get Proper Shoulder Pain Treatment?

If you don’t get the proper treatment for your shoulder pain, it won’t improve the pain in your shoulder and the pain will linger much longer. If a doctor or physical therapist doesn’t take a look at it, the condition could worsen and you’ll be dealing with more chronic pain in that area. 

The process for proper shoulder pain treatment begins with your medical service provider performing a physical exam and closely evaluating it. Some blood tests or MRIs may also be performed to further diagnose the issue. 

Don’t risk reinjuring your shoulder and leaving yourself in pain. Our physical therapists will work with you to address the root issue of your rotator cuff injury and help you move your shoulder normally. Here’s what you can expect in one of our physical therapy sessions. 

What Can I Expect During My PT Session?

When you work with our TRI PT team, you’ll have plenty of options to start strengthening your shoulder and relieving its pain. We’ll work with you to create a customized treatment plan and home exercise routine you can apply on our premises and in your home. We believe education and self-application are important on your road to healing. 

This can start with manual therapy and strengthening exercises to ensure your shoulder is secure. Our physical therapist can provide gentle, hands-on manual therapy to decrease pain and restore your shoulder movement. With our unique strengthening exercises, we hope to lower the stress placed on the torn labrum and allow for better recovery. We’ll help create exercise routines that target your shoulder’s muscles and shoulder blade to provide much-needed stability to the joint. 

You can also expect the use of stretching and postural exercises on your shoulder. A physical therapist may require you to do some gentle stretches around your pectoral muscles to improve the shoulder’s functions. They’ll also assess your posture, making sure your shoulders are positioned properly for daily tasks and prevent further injury. 

Every experience for our patients at TRI PT is different and we’ll provide the right accommodations to make your therapy sessions a wonderful visit. Contact us at TRI PT today to alleviate your shoulder pain now! 

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