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Elbow Orthopedics Surgery in Brooklyn New York

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Comprehensive Elbow Orthopedic Surgery Solutions in Brooklyn, New York

As one of the leading physical therapy clinics, we offer elbow orthopedic surgery in Brooklyn New York for all the New Yorkers suffering from various illnesses in need of an elbow orthopedic surgery.

At TRI Physical Therapy, our patients undergoing elbow orthopedic surgery are given exceptional attention. Each condition is unique to the individual patient, so our approach to surgical solutions reflects this. Whether your concern involves tennis elbow, early arthritis, fractures, or joint issues – whether minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries or open procedures such as fracture repair and joint replacements – we provide options tailored surgery solutions specifically for you.

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What is Orthopedic Elbow Surgery?

Elbow orthopedic surgery is a medical process intended to address the causes of elbow discomfort and limited mobility, often by repairing damaged tendons, ligaments, or bones and using minimally invasive techniques that limit scarring while shortening recovery times.

Following elbow orthopedic surgery, recovery involves several key steps. These are:

  • Post-Surgery Care: Following surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will give specific instructions regarding post-op care that could include physical therapy sessions, pain management techniques, and exercises designed to promote healing.
  • Rehabilitation: Physical therapy plays an integral part in your healing, helping increase the range of motion, strength, and function of the affected elbow.
  • Recovery Times: While recovery times vary for every patient, most can anticipate gradual improvement over several weeks to months after following all recommended strategies by their surgeon for successful healing. Patients must follow his/her advice for best outcomes and follow any specific directives offered from time to time by medical practitioners for maximum efficacy in this effort.

Comprehensive Aftercare Support from TRI Physical Therapy

After surgery, our dedication to your well-being extends beyond the operating room. Our skilled orthopedic surgeons ensure you receive proper post-op care and guidance following surgery – wound care instructions, pain management techniques, and elbow splint use (if applicable), among other measures that aid healing while alleviating discomfort, are all part of their service.

Recovering is an integral step, and our physical therapy experts are with you every step of the way. They’ll design personalized exercise programs designed to strengthen, stretch, and mobilize your elbow. While initial exercises might prove challenging at first glance, their long-term significance cannot be overlooked.


What are the Restrictions After Elbow Surgery?

After having elbow orthopedic surgery, patients may face certain obstacles during post-op rehabilitation. Common restrictions could involve refraining from engaging in physically strenuous activities for extended periods, including heavy lifting or exertion that strains muscles such as heavy stretching. Furthermore, patients may need to limit the range of their motion when it comes to excessively bending or straightening the elbow joint. After surgery, wearing a sling or brace to protect and immobilize surgical sites may be required to protect them and aid healing, with activities that exert extra strain upon healing joints such as driving being temporarily banned and any activities that would further stress them needing to be put aside until healing has completed. Compliance is integral for successful recovery and long-term outcomes, so patients should consult their orthopedic surgeon and adhere to any restrictions or rehabilitation plans prescribed as part of a successful healing experience.

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When Is Elbow Orthopedic Surgery Necessary?

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Orthopedic elbow surgery becomes necessary under various circumstances and conditions, including:

  • Fractures and Dislocations in the Elbow: Extreme fractures or dislocations to the elbow may require surgical intervention to realign and stabilize it for proper healing.
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow: When conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or medication fail to relieve tendinitis or epicondylitis symptoms, surgery may become necessary for relief.
  • Arthritis: Advanced arthritis can result in significant joint damage and discomfort, in such instances surgical treatments such as joint replacement or arthroscopy may help alleviate discomfort while improving function and increasing quality of life.

However, our expert orthopedic surgeon will carefully  examine you and determine whether you should undergo a surgery or not.  

Orthopedic Elbow surgery offers several potential advantages and outcomes

  • Relief From Chronic Elbow Pain: Surgery can significantly lessen or even eliminate chronic elbow pain, providing relief so you can live life pain-free.
  • Strengthened Function: Surgical interventions aim to restore normal elbow function, increasing your ability to complete daily activities and tasks more easily.
  • Return to Activities: In many instances, patients can resume sports, hobbies, and work activities they had to reduce due to elbow issues.

Why TRI Physical Therapy?

TRI Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York provides fast, compassionate, and holistic orthopedic care. We prioritize not just physical but emotional and lifestyle factors when providing personalized treatment plans designed to achieve maximum efficacy for each individual case. Our supportive environment ensures you reach optimal results from every session with us!

Trust TRI Physical Therapy for expert orthopedic services and elbow orthopedic surgery. Your well-being is of utmost importance to us; let us assist in creating an elbow that’s pain-free and fully functional. If you or your loved one is in need of an elbow orthopedic surgery in Brooklyn New York, call us at 718-908-2000 to begin your healing journey!

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