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Experiencing Lower Back Pain? Choose Physical Therapy For Effective And Fast Relief!

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If you’re an individual dealing with chronic lower back pain or a similar problem around that area, effective physical therapy is key to a fast recovery. With adequate physical therapy consultations and practices, you’ll be provided with fast pain relief for lower back pain and sustainable solutions to keep yourself sturdy. At TRI Physical Therapy (PT), we adopt a personalized, hands-on approach to physical rehabilitation and lower back therapy. This can be a recurring issue in individuals doing laborious physical activity or athletes taking part in regular sporting activities. 

We work with a variety of different patients and understand that one solution may not work for everybody. Our professional medical team is experienced in providing effective alternative treatments and advanced chiropractic care for lower back pain. We want you to consider our assistance in giving you lower back pain relief. Physical therapy is exceptional for dealing with lower back pain, so book an appointment today!

What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Athletes?

For athletes in particular, there can be many causes that may trigger lower back pain symptoms. When you exert great stress and pressure on your lower back, it can result in excruciating pain down the road. It may also damage or fracture bone parts in your back that may further aggravate the back pain. A doctor or medical professional may review your overall health history to help determine the cause. 

There are three types of lower back pain symptoms athletes or any regular individual should be aware of: acute, recurrent, and chronic. These lower back pain symptoms can vary in pain, whether you may feel a dull, burning, or sharp sensation near that area. Acute pain is constant, but lasts less than three months. Recurrent lower back pain is more likely to return and be a recurring issue. Chronic lower back pain is a serious issue that can last long term. 

You may also feel the back pain on a single point or broad area, maybe even spreading to another body area. Muscle spasms and general stiffness may also accompany lower back pain if left untreated. While there are home treatments you can use at home, we recommend working with us at TRI PT so that we can keep track of your recovery process. Sometimes lower back pain can go away on its own, but our team will make sure you take the right steps for a better recovery. 

While lower back pain was thought to have stemmed from issues related to body tissue, the initial cause is more complex. For athletes, in particular, lower back pain can be exacerbated with conditions such as degenerative disk disease, fractures, lumbar spinal stenosis, herniated disk, and tumors of the spine. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can also play a factor in chronic lower back pain. These conditions can be corrected with surgery, but the physical therapy that comes after is especially important for your lower back pain recovery. 

Why Is Physical Therapy Good For Lower Back Pain?

There’s a substantial amount of medical literature and evidence that backs up the effectiveness of physical therapy for lower back pain. Active exercise and rehab efforts can play an important role in reducing a patient’s pain and improving their lower back function. This can be accomplished through an ongoing exercise program that lowers the severity and likelihood of it happening again.

Patients who adopted a physical therapy program for their lower back pain had fewer visits to the doctor’s office or clinic and a generally shorter length of care. They also have fewer prescription medications for painkillers and less use for advanced imaging or screenings. Additionally, they also experienced greater cost savings in the long term. 

When you work with our team, our goal is to help you get better and limit your need for more physical therapy in the future. Part of this is achieved through physical therapy exercises that provide pain relief for your lower back. 

How Long Does It Take For Lower Back Pain To Go Away With Physical Therapy Exercises?

As we mentioned previously, it largely depends if your lower back pain is acute or chronic. If it’s acute, it may go away after a short period of time. If it’s chronic pain, it will come back and won’t go away unless you incorporate specific physical therapy exercises. This can be kickstarted through methods like routine stretching for back pain and hamstring exercises. 

Other ways of alleviating lower back pain include strengthening the back muscles through 15-20 minutes of lumbar stabilization and lifting. Core muscle strengthening is an important aspect of lower back pain treatment as well. 

Low impact aerobic conditioning exercise can also help in reducing lower back pain. Simple exercises like walking, bicycling, swimming or water therapy can be done for 30-40 minutes thrice weekly to diversify your lower back strengthening. 

Whatever your preference, our staff at TRI Physical Therapy will do their best to reduce your lower back pain and provide meaningful relief. Book a consultation with us today to learn how our physical therapy will address your lower back needs. 

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