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Is your lower back pain keeping you from running that marathon? From playing soccer with your kids? From going on that breathtaking hike? It’s time to get the right physical therapy treatments that relieve your lower back pain safely! 

Back pain isn’t entirely an individual ordeal, as many people have reported feeling mild to severe back pain within the past few months. Most moderate cases disappear on their own, but for some, the condition can be a chronic issue. This can lead to a decrease in quality of life and disability if it’s not properly addressed. Since the lower back is connected to other important muscles in your body, you should consult a physical therapist quickly to improve your lower back pain and restore your mobility. 

At TRI Physical Therapy (PT), we provide our patients with lower back therapy and physical therapy in Brooklyn to improve their everyday lifestyles. We’re a team of multi-disciplinary physical therapists that specialize in muscle movement and thorough hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed exercise routines. To get the right customized treatment for your recurring lower back pain, contact TRI PT today to consult with our team and book an appointment to regularly follow up. 

Whether you’re trying to avoid surgery for your back pain or looking to recover after an operation, physical therapy in New York City at your therapy practice is a recommended treatment option. The goal of physical therapy is to decrease your pain, increase your range of motion and inform you about the causes of pain to prevent them from happening again. Countering years of bad habits takes a comprehensive, individualized care plan, which physical therapy offers.

Why Is It Important To Strengthen Lower Back Muscles?

If you want to prevent recurring lower back pain or mitigate the effects of the chronic condition, then it’s important to strengthen your lower back muscles through extensive exercise routines. Movements focused on your core muscles can increase your stability, decrease your chances of future injury, and improve your overall function. Even daily activities such as squatting down to pick up things can help prevent lower back pain and muscle spasms at random times. 

Deep lower back muscles can atrophy and stiffen in people who spend their day sitting down or overexert themselves at their work. The lower back muscles can gradually become weaker, increasing the likelihood of strains or back pain. By strengthening your core, your lower back muscles will stabilize your entire body and protect your spin, ligaments, tendons, and joints from serious injury. 

Overall, strengthening your lower back muscles can lead to a more stable and mobile body in everyday life and sport. 

What Can You Expect From A Lower Back Physical Therapy Session?

In a standard physical therapy session, a trained professional physical therapist will assess the condition of your back and recommend specific exercises to kickstart the healing process. Some of these exercise routines can include stretching, strength training, low-impact aerobic activity, massages, manual therapy, and electrical stimulation. Manual therapy often involves spinal manipulation to help improve the mobility of joints and soft tissue in the body. 

It’s important to note that not all lower back pain is the same, so your treatment plan should be customized to your own specific symptoms and conditions. Once an examination is performed and completed, our physical therapists will evaluate the results, identify the factors that contribute to your specific back problem, and design an individualized treatment plan afterward. 

Education about how you can better care for your back should also be emphasized. This includes, but is not limited to, training for proper lifting, bending, and sitting or advice on how to pick up heavy objects or do chores around your home. Physical therapists are tasked with creating a safe and effective physical activity program during a treatment session to improve your back strength. They may also use ice or heat treatment to supplement pain relief. These can be particularly effective in addressing the common symptoms of chronic back pain. 

What Are Some Symptoms Of Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Chronic lower back pain is pain that lasts longer than three months in the lower back area. This is in stark contrast to acute back pain, which lasts shorter and can generally go away on its own, or recurrent back pain. Most people who suffer from chronic back pain will have at least one recurrence and symptoms such as stabbing pain in the back won’t go away on their own. 

Other symptoms of chronic back pain can include limited mobility and general stiffness. Psychosocial factors such as self-confidence and an inability to cope with a disability may also follow if this condition isn’t properly treated. 

At TRI Physical Therapy, we’ll work with you to help improve your lower back pain and get you back to an active lifestyle. Book your appointment today!

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