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For people living with minor to moderate chronic pain in their lives, prescription medication is the most common treatment to mitigate its long-lasting effects. Although this can help some people, it may be a daily inconvenience for others. Luckily, there are therapies and methods readily available at many alternative pain management centers. The staff members there can help alleviate minor chronic pain, manage the therapies you receive, and prevent you from undergoing any serious surgeries. 

At TRI Physical Therapy (TRIPT), we provide our patients with physical therapy in Brooklyn and alternative pain management techniques such as acupuncture, acoustic wave therapy, and so much more. While these pain management methods may not be right for everyone, if the right one is applied, it provides many great pain relief benefits and can be effective in addressing the root cause of the issue. 

Contact TRI PT today to take advantage of our alternative pain management therapies and reduce your daily chronic pain. Our physical therapists and pain management experts will create customized plans to help you get through whatever is bothering you. 

Here are a few reasons why alternative pain management techniques may help provide relief over a long period of time and the different ways in which they can be applied. 

What Are Some Types Of Alternative Pain Management Therapies?

Alternative pain management therapies are wide-ranging, utilizing different techniques to reduce daily chronic pain. 

The most popular and common therapy is acupuncture, which involves inserting hair thin needles into various acupuncture points of the body to target areas of pain and improve blood flow. Because the needles are so tiny, the acupuncture process doesn’t cause any pain, even as the needles are left in your body for about 40 minutes. Acupuncture can ultimately compliment and aid in the overall healing process, providing significant pain relief for people with chronic pain. 

Another popular pain management technique is the use of shockwave therapy, or ultrasound shockwaves, to provide chronic pain relief. A series of low-energy sound waves are directed towards specific areas of pain to help mitigate the constant pain. It’s an advanced, non-invasive method  that’s becoming more frequently used in physical therapy centers because of its effectiveness. The pressurized, electromagnetic pulses will assist in triggering your body’s healing responses in certain areas, leading to gradual healing and repair.  

Additionally, many patients with chronic pain will have a physical therapist perform massages to ease their pain, reduce stress, and decrease their anxiety and depression. The physical therapist will use their fingers and hands to press and manipulate any damaged muscles and soft tissues. It’s a great way to relax your body while relieving tension and muscle inflammation that contributes to chronic pain. There are many different massage techniques, but our team will work with you to find the one that best suits your needs. 

What Are The Benefits Of Alternative Pain Management?

After going over some common alternative pain management methods, here are some of the benefits patients can expect after experiencing them. 

Many of the great benefits emphasize patient relaxation and stress reduction. They can help calm your emotions, relieve anxiety, increase your general health and well-being, and reduce symptoms or side effects from existing treatments and medications. 

More importantly, alternative pain methods help you feel more in control of your body and life. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for a while, you may have dealt with many people telling you how to mitigate its effects. Alternative pain therapies are an added benefit towards effective pain relief because it allows the patient to take a more active role in their day-to-day chronic pain management. 

Alternative pain management techniques can also help patients stay positive in dealing with their chronic pain. Although the pain can be excruciating to some on a daily basis, these alternative methods and therapies can provide patients with immediate relief, while helping them to stay positive and hopeful for the future.  

How Does Alternative Therapy Prevent Potential Surgeries?

If your chronic pain isn’t debilitating enough to warrant a surgery, alternative pain management therapy may just be effective enough to help you avoid them down the road. It’s most important you consult a doctor as you’re undergoing our pain relief methods, as chronic pain can flare up from time to time. However, if these alternative techniques are applied consistently and cause no further issue on your end, you won’t need to undergo any invasive surgery for the time being. 

Contact Tri PT today to learn more about our alternative pain management planning and therapies we apply for our patients. Work with our team of experienced physical therapists today start alleviating your constant chronic pain and live out your best life! 

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