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The pelvis, being the largest bones in your body, bears the majority of your upper body weight. Your hips connect your pelvis to your legs which allows you to have a wide range of motion. If you experience pain, stiffness, or inflammation in your hips, it is important to seek a diagnosis from a medical professional. At TriPT our skilled physical therapist can conduct tests to identify the underlying issues in your hips and provide appropriate treatment to alleviate pain and implement corrective measures. Hip physical therapy encompasses various hip conditions, including injuries and diseases.

Hip physical therapy utilizes a combination of movements, stretches, and exercises to target various areas of the hip, back, tendons, and muscles. It aims to promote healing and improve the condition of the hips. This form of therapy also educates patients about specialized techniques such as specific stretches, exercises, instrument-assisted physical therapy, manual physical therapy, soft tissue physical therapy among others, which can contribute to the proper recovery of the hips.

How Long Until You Feel Relief?
The time it takes to experience relief from hip physical therapy depends on the severity of your hip pain or injury. While physical therapy is an effective method for managing hip pain, it has shown significant improvements in many patients with common hip injuries or pain issues. However, individuals with severe cases may still require alternative medical treatments. The ball and socket joints in your hips are the largest in your body and play a crucial role in activities such as walking, running, standing, climbing, and twisting. Due to their proximity to the lower back, it can be challenging to determine whether hip pain originates directly from a hip condition or if it is referred pain.

What We Can Do For You
Our highly regarded physical therapists in Brooklyn can determine the cause of your hip pain, although your doctor may initially diagnose the issue and then refer you to a physical therapy (PT) practice. During physical therapy, your therapist will assess your hips and devise the most effective means of supporting this weight-bearing joint. Repetitive motion, arthritis, injuries and strains, or even hip replacement surgeries can all benefit from a comprehensive series of PT treatments.

Physical Therapy Improves Flexibility of Muscles and Joints  Maintaining a healthy range of motion in joints and ensuring flexibility in muscles is crucial. Stiff joints and tight muscles can significantly impair everyday activities such as climbing stairs or reaching overhead. By incorporating appropriate stretching exercises, these functions can be preserved. Following an injury or surgery, scar tissue formation and tissue contraction are common. Regular stretching is particularly important during these times to prevent scar tissue from hindering your rehabilitation progress.

Engaging in strengthening exercises is essential for enhancing muscle function. These exercises aim to increase strength, improve endurance, and maintain or improve range of motion. For post-operative exercises, it is always advisable to follow the guidance of your healthcare provider and physical therapist, as specific restrictions may apply to your injury. The following guidelines can provide assistance for knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, and neck injuries.

Emphasizing Core Strength and Stability
A recent development in physical therapy is the focus on core strengthening and stability. The core of your body can be likened to the foundation of a house. A weak core can lead to increased risks of acute injury and chronic overuse syndromes. Core strengthening primarily targets the muscles of the back and pelvis. Some exercise programs, notably pilates, are highly effective in enhancing core stability. It is worth noting that many professional athletes regularly incorporate pilates workouts into their training regimen for this reason.

For exceptional physical therapy services, call TriPT now at 718-908-2000. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with specialized care and personalized treatment to help you overcome your physical challenges. We offer specialized hip physical therapy services designed to target the specific needs of your hips. Our knowledgeable and experienced therapists will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your goals and condition. By incorporating a combination of movements, stretches, exercises, and specialized techniques, we aim to alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and enhance hip function. Take control of your hip health and schedule an appointment with us today. 

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