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Improving hip health, one physiotherapy session at a time | 2022 is the year of balance and mobility!

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2022 has just started and you want this year to be the most active year to date. Along with a regimented diet plan and your daily dose of exercise, you’re on your way to reaching your fitness goals. There’s just one thing that’s stopping you – your hips. 

Our experienced physiotherapists can provide you with the latest hip pain therapy and techniques to reduce the inflammation and symptoms you may be feeling. With progressive treatments and sessions, you will be able to resume your active daily activities and regain your mobility. 

“Our Brooklyn physical therapy center works to relieve or even eliminate your pain through massage, range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, and other specialized therapy modalities while increasing your strength and flexibility.”

While there is no current arthritis treatment, it has been proven that frequent physiotherapy sessions have helped restore the balance and stability in an individual, and in some cases, help avoid hip surgery down the road. We can help you address your everyday aches and pains with low-impact strength moves and gentle stretching, and advise you on small lifestyle changes that you can implement to optimize your hip health.

What causes hip pain?

The hips, like most other joints in the body, are composed of three basic structures; the muscles, the nerves, and the bones. If any of these elements are compromised, it can disturb an individual’s mobility and result in a loss of stability. Ensuring that the structure of your hips is in an optimal position will also give you better flexibility long-term.

As we age, structural hip imbalances can occur, whether that is due to genetic abnormalities, car accidents, sports injuries, or severe traumas. The most common hip injuries, however, happen due to habitual tasks. Our physical therapist tests your hips and figures out how best to support this large weight-bearing joint. Repetitive motion, arthritis, injury, strain, or surgeries such as hip replacement all benefit from a thorough round of PT treatments.

Too much movement throughout the day can be as traumatic to the hips as always staying still. If you are currently on your feet for a majority of the day, that can put loads of stress on your which, leading to inflammation. If you have a 9-5 desk job, that is also not advantageous for your hip health – extended sitting can actually lead to your spine compressing and your bones becoming weaker.

No matter your lifestyle, when your hips are compromised, there are other symptoms that can be felt throughout your body. A poor posture, headaches, and poor flexibility have all been linked to the deterioration of your hips. Along with groin tightness, improper hip health can lead to ongoing pain in the lower back, knees, and feet. 

How does physiotherapy help with hip arthritis?

The ball of your thigh bone rests inside the cup-shaped socket of your pelvic bone, providing an extensive range of motion and stability. The joint is supported by a complex array of muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. When any part of your hip wears down due to injury, repetitive motion, bone tumors, or some form of arthritis, it threatens your entire joint.

Our physiotherapy center can create a customized plan that allows you to restore your balance between stability and mobility. We understand that you live a busy lifestyle, so we take your hip rehabilitation seriously. Our team’s goal is to reduce your pain and inflammation with sustainable exercises that go above and beyond even after you leave our center. 

Your treatment plan will likely consist of both active and passive treatments that will work in conjunction with your lifestyle. These treatments may include heat therapies, electrical stimulation, and strategic stretching. Besides reducing your pain symptoms, we can help you accelerate your healing process with condition-specific exercises and active treatments.

Enhance your hip health and regain your mobility with our experienced PT team!

Given the complexity and connectivity of the hips, it’s essential to pay attention to the symptoms that may be triggered by other problems in the body. At TriPT NYC, we can help you promote the healing in the hips, through a range of customized plans that range from low-impact strength training to gentle stretching.  

If you are suffering from hip pain, you don’t have to suffer in silence! Our dedicated and experienced physiotherapy team can help you get to the root of your hip pain and work tirelessly to correct it. Have you booked your appointment yet – your best self is waiting for you!

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