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Intra-articular laser therapy is a type of laser treatment that is used primarily in repairing damaged joints through the application of advanced catheter technology. These catheters utilize red, blue, and green lasers that emit low-level laser lights to deal with inflamed tissues. They also allow for direct irradiation with dysfunctional tissues in the nerve, cartilages, or bones. When combined with injections or other therapies, intra-articular laser treatment can be particularly effective in mitigating recurring hip pain. 

At TRI PT, we’re a people-first rehabilitation center that provides our newest patients assistance with hip surgery rehab, post surgical rehab, personal injuries, and many more ailments and conditions. Intra-articular laser therapy will help in relieving pain in these areas through the fiber-optic treatment that repairs the body’s nerve roots to deal with damaged joints. Through high energy dosages, intra-articular lasers can bring a significant healing process to your hips. 

Contact our team at TRI PT today to learn how you can get started on intra-articular laser treatments and their potential benefits for your hip. 

Does Hip Pain Ever Go Away By Itself? 

The severity of hip pain in everyone is different. For some, the pain may go away on its own with the proper body support, rest, and over-the-counter painkillers. However, if you’ve been involved in an accident and injured your hip, the pain will unlikely go away on its own unless you undergo invasive surgery or take even stronger medication.  

The hip is an important joint of your body and basically supports both the lower and upper frames of it. If you are experiencing constant pain, it may be because of old age or a recurring condition that may require constant monitoring. Rather than leaving it be, utilizing a treatment such as an intra-articular laser can help provide significant pain relief in the hips, limiting the overall discomfort you feel on a day-to-day basis. 

If your hip pain isn’t going away as it should, it may be time to rely on a method such as intra-articular laser therapy to get the relief you need quickly. 

Is Intra-Articular Laser Treatment Good For Hip Pain?

Intra-articular laser treatment has had early success dealing with hip arthrosis, knee joint arthrosis, chronic shoulder syndrome, and ankle arthrosis. Expanding on the former, red, blue, and green lasers are applied onto a catheter to deliver effective hip pain relief. Red lasers have been mainly used for regeneration in chronic joint pain while blue light has been used to treat acute inflammation.

For red lasers specifically, they help increase cell activity and microcirculation of blood in the affected with dysfunctional or damaged tissue. They can also help regenerate damaged tissue structures around the hip to improve your mobility. Meanwhile, green lasers offer anti-inflammatory effects on the affected area and are particularly effective in dealing with large inflammation or swellings. Blue lasers applied on the body will also have strong anti-inflammatory effects, effective wound healing, and reduction of acute pain. 

Most often, intra-articular laser treatment is combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) methods to deliver the most optimal results possible. During this process, a small vial of a patient’s blood is taken, which is then separated in a centrifuge from other components in the blood. What is left over is the nutrients and helpful properties that can speed up the healing process for damaged tissues in the hip. After the PRP solution is injected, special growth factors stimulate cell production and repair connective tissue in the affected area. 

When used in conjunction with intra-articular laser treatment, the process can greatly provide fast-acting hip pain relief and cna be a viable alternative to traditional surgery or intense medications.   

How Can Intra-Articular Laser Treatment Work Well For My Hip? 

Intra-articular laser treatment provides therapeutic results that can improve initial pain symptoms at a quick pace. The different colored catheter lakers can penetrate your hip at a depth of up to 12 cm to be absorbed deeper into the surface of the tissue. This can lead to great anti-inflammatory effects around the hip area, making it less painful for you in the long term. When used together with PRP injections or regenerative therapy, intra-articular lasers can greatly boost your body’s healing process in the hips. 

Overall, intra-articular laser treatment has been used by a variety of medical professionals in safely contained spaces for recovery. The success rate is fairly high and it can be performed relatively quickly with some promising results. 

Contact TRI PT today to learn more about intra-articular lasers and how we can use them for your recurring hip pains. Get in touch with our team now at (718)-908-2000 to book an appointment or consultation with our medical professionals, so that we can get to know your situation better. 

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