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Knee Pain Holding You Back? Physical Therapy Treatments Will Optimize Your Athletic Performance!

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For any athlete involved in intense physical activity or person participating in sports, your knees can often go through a lot and start aching the morning after. Knee pain can affect anyone, often as a result of disease, overuse injury, or sudden trauma. The knee is where pain can hit the hardest and it can be especially difficult if you’re in your older years, where your bones aren’t as strong as before. Despite that physical therapy and knee pain therapy gives hope to people that want effective pain relief over the course of their lives. 

At Tri Physical Therapy (PT), we offer a hands-on customized approach in physical rehabilitation to help improve movement in your knees and mitigate pain. We’ll help you manage the ups and downs of knee pain and utilize innovative treatments to help you perform at your best. Your knee discomfort shouldn’t hold you back from continuing your sports or physical activity!

We’ll go over how effective physical therapy can help with acute and chronic knee pain, as well as how it helps you regain your everyday balance. Begin your physical therapy treatment as soon as possible and recover your mobility and flexibility!  

“Treatment of the affected knee is specific to your ailment, age and lifestyle. Physical therapy for knees strengthens any deficiencies in the surrounding muscles of your knee that were weakened by the injury or disease. PT also increases your overall strength by challenging you to do exercises you might never do otherwise.”

How Does Physical Therapy Help With Acute And Chronic Knee Pain?

Physical therapy can be effective in addressing the symptoms of both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) knee pain. The overall goal is to reduce any apparent pain, swelling, and stiffness in the area to help you walk, bend, kneel, squat, and sit more comfortably. 

Physical therapy treatments for acute and chronic knee pain will often include stretching, strengthening, balance training, gait training, and joint mobilization and stabilization. The different processes and routines involved increasing the muscle strength and mobility of your joint’s connective tissues. This can include areas in your tendons, muscles, fascia, and joint capsules around the knee. This will ultimately help you feel and move better than you did before, allowing you to work, relax, and function normally. 

Among the practices employed during your physical therapy program are ultrasound, electric stimulation, and soft tissue massages for your knee. Heat and ice solutions, as well as athletic taping, may be utilized as well to speed up the healing process. To combat acute and chronic knee pain, the use of braces, orthotics, and assistive devices may also be applied. 

Our Tri PT physical therapists will also collaborate with you to make a comprehensive home exercise program. This will help in ensuring you can maintain a good quality of life outside the physical therapy sessions. These exercises can range from quad sets, straight leg raises, short arc quads, lower extremity stretches, and hip strengthening routines. 

All these practices can be done to help alleviate both acute and chronic knee pain. Physical therapy treatment can also be effective in helping you regain your balance. 

How Does Physical Therapy Help Me Regain My Balance?

One aspect of physical therapy for knee pain that is to be stressed is the different balance exercises and training you’ll have to do. These are done to test the strength of your knee and help regain muscle function and flexibility in the knee. It also assists in retraining your body’s natural positioning through repetitive stretches and poses to engage all muscles in your body’s core. This will improve your natural ability to keep yourself steady.

Based on your current abilities, goals, and needs, consistent amounts of exercise can help you regain your balance and manage knee pain. Moreover, daily bad habits can greatly inhibit your healing process and may worsen your balance problems. A physical therapist will make sure to educate you about different ways to be more efficient and safe. We want to enhance the overall effects of your physical therapy care and reduce not only pain but the risk of re-injury. 

How Can I Get Started On Physical Therapy Treatment?

As always, the first step involves a consultation with one of our specialists at Tri PT. If you want to manage your knee pain and keep it strengthened throughout the year, the first consultation with TRi PT should be your first start. After physical therapy is recommended by your doctor, we’ll be examining your knee’s strength and range of motion. Then, we’ll test your balance and functional abilities like walking or running. Our team of specialists will create a personalized to relieve your knee pain and restore your mobility.

Most insurance plans should cover some form of physical therapy and your doctor can handle any prescriptions that come associated with it. During our initial assessment, we’ll also make sure to involve you in our planned treatments and adjust accordingly if things get uncomfortable or ineffective. 

Our specialists at Tri Physical therapy have worked with numerous athletes and patients involved in strenuous physical activity. Contact us today for a consultation and initial assessment so that we can address the root cause of your knee pain today! 

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