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Combining the best staff and the most advanced equipment results in a physical therapy clinic for outpatients that is second to none. TRI Physical Therapy in Brooklyn is a one stop shop for all of your physical therapy requirements. Our physical therapy doctors have a high reputation, and our services are comprehensive. If you are looking for a physical therapy in Brooklyn, there is no need to look further.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to begin physical therapy?
New York’s Direct Access legislation allows individuals to consult directly with a licensed physical therapy and receive treatment, without the need for a prescription. This provision applies to up to 10 visits, or 30 days for each instance of care, whichever comes first.

How long should I expect to be in physical therapy?
Physical therapy can vary in duration depending on the person and their condition. Physical therapy programs are usually 6-10 weeks long, with twice-weekly sessions. Due to our one-on-one approach and the effectiveness of each treatment, we can often reduce the number of sessions. Each patient’s visit frequency is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

What should I do before my first physical therapy appointment?
Please have your prescription ready and your insurance card handy when you schedule your appointment. This allows us to confirm your insurance coverage and estimate your coverage.

Our physical therapists possess extensive training and clinical skills to assess and address any injury. Our therapists use a comprehensive approach to your treatment. They combine manual therapy, functional training, and neuromuscular stimulation techniques. This ensures a thorough evaluation, differential diagnoses, and tailored plans of care. Schedule an appointment with TRI Physical Therapy where compassion and expertise promote physical well-being.

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