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Your pelvis is responsible for carrying most of your upper body weight as the largest bones in your body. Your hips connect your pelvis to your legs and facilitate a wide range of motion. If you experience stiffness, inflammation, or pain in your hips, it is crucial to seek a diagnosis from a medical professional at TriPT for hip physical therapy. Our experienced physical therapist can conduct tests to identify the issue with your hips and offer treatments to alleviate pain and provide corrective measures. To address various hip conditions, including injuries and diseases, turn to us for treatment delivered with care.

Physical Therapy For Hip Pain
The ball and socket joints in your hips are the largest in your body and are involved in various activities such as walking, running, standing, climbing, and twisting. Due to their proximity to your lower back, it can be challenging to determine whether hip pain comes from a hip condition or referred pain. Your physical therapist will assess your hip joint’s strength, palpitations, and range of motion exercises to determine the best support for your weight-bearing joint.

PT treatments are beneficial for repetitive motion, arthritis, injury and strain, or surgeries such as hip replacement. We create a customized treatment plan to relieve or eliminate your specific hip pain, which may include passive treatments like heat or ice, exercises to enhance flexibility and strength, home exercise programs, assistive devices, and cushioning or pillows for seating and sleeping. With proper posture and movement techniques, you can regain the range of motion and strength you enjoyed before experiencing hip pain.

Performing gentle hip movements and stretching exercises can help lubricate and nourish the surfaces of your hip joint. Physical therapy exercises can also improve or maintain your hip flexor’s range of motion. Even as little as ten minutes of daily stretching can make a significant difference in your mobility, flexibility, and pain reduction. Your physical therapist will use a combination of effective medication, passive and active treatments, and education to help you return to the activities you enjoy most. Lifestyle modifications such as wearing proper footwear to support and strengthen your hip may also be recommended to aid in your recovery. If you have undergone hip surgery and still experience pain, speak to your doctor about physical therapy techniques that can help rehabilitate your hip.

Physical Therapy Treats Sports Injuries
Physical therapy is also helpful in addressing sports injuries that may occur in the hip area. It not only helps alleviate pain caused by injuries, which may prevent athletes from training or participating in their favorite activities but also aids in muscle strengthening and healing damage resulting from injuries. The experienced physiotherapists at TriPT encourage anyone who has experienced an injury that has prevented them from pursuing their passions to remain determined and optimistic. They assure that physical therapy can help get their lives back on track.

Prevent Surgery With Physical Therapy
While surgery can be necessary or crucial in some cases, it is often expensive and takes a long time to recover. In many cases, physical therapy can be a cheaper, safer, and easier alternative. Surgery carries various risks, and the odds of success are not always high. On the other hand, physical therapy is a safer option with faster results. Recovery from surgery can take months, and physical therapy is still necessary to get back to normal. Physical therapy focuses on healing the specific part of your body that requires surgery while strengthening the muscles, joints, and bones surrounding it to provide even stronger support. Essentially, physical therapy can achieve the same outcomes as surgery without actually having to undergo surgery and without risking the potential adverse effects of surgery.

TRI Physical Therapy in Brooklyn is the premier outpatient physical therapy clinic that offers top-notch services, making it your one-stop-shop for all your physical therapy needs. Our physical therapy doctors are highly regarded, and our techniques are cutting-edge, ensuring that you receive the best care available. We offer a fundamentally innovative and personalized form of chiropractic rehabilitation care that combines traditional physical therapy techniques with alternative therapies and cutting-edge chiropractic services.

Our staff has extensively researched every facet of treatment, including effectiveness and side effects, to provide you with the most appropriate care possible. We offer a broad range of physical therapy treatment options, allowing us to provide you with precisely the right treatment for your condition. Additionally, our staff can combine complementary therapies to improve your treatment’s effectiveness. At TRI Physical Therapy, we focus on how effectively and quickly we can help you return to your normal routines. When looking for an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Brooklyn, TRI Physical Therapy is the clear choice. Contact 718-908-2000 today to return to a pain free life.

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