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Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation (Updated 2023)

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Moving your body may seem natural, but many factors can disrupt or inhibit movement, causing pain or frustration during your day. Outpatient physical therapy helps overcome, correct, or minimize pain, discomfort, and limitations almost anywhere in your body.

We offer personalized and hands-on treatment to suit your specific condition. We have helped hundreds of MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) patients as well as sports injuries recover from their complications.

Your Brooklyn-based physical therapist has the tools and expertise to keep your body moving as you strive to overcome certain illnesses and injuries in your life. Medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, deformities of the spine or limbs, strokes, and other medical conditions can compromise your mobility, which further causes your muscles to degenerate.

While aging bodies lose strength and flexibility, you don’t have to settle for this loss of mobility. Arthritis physical therapy treatment also helps combat the normal discomfort, stiffness, and immobility of arthritic conditions.

Active lifestyles often include sports activities, where injuries occasionally occur. If one is bad enough, surgery may be required, with accompanying post-operative rehabilitation. Intensive outpatient sports injury rehabilitation is a valuable service even if you don’t need surgery. It can help resolve:

  • Frozen shoulders
  • Runner’s knee
  • Fractures

Encouraging coordination through balanced physical therapy enables you to remain fully active and more engaged in the activities you love. Physical therapy techniques include:

  • Spinal and joint manipulation
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises

On the positive side, sports-specific performance and development of physical therapy often helps unique bodies prevent certain injuries. It can also help you excel in your sport of choice. Enhancing your training through isokinetic exercises, marathon recovery treatment and functional exercise training takes your game to the next level!

Your body is designed to move. With a hands-on, one-on-one approach, your physical therapists tailor your treatment to meet the healthy, pain-free goals you’ve set for yourself. Your therapist works dynamically to enhance your experience and results. As you rehabilitate, you enhance your function to deliver your best performance.

Whether you’re recovering from injury or surgery, try to find your best activity level while dealing with your other medical conditions. If you wish to enhance and strengthen your exercise and athletic abilities, physical therapy has a place in your life. Call today or visit our outpatient rehabilitation clinic to regain an active, involved life.

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