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Post-Operative Rehabilitation Brooklyn | Bouncing Back Better Than Before!

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Physical therapy is not just a part, but a crucial component of postoperative healing after surgery. While the success of a surgical procedure is significant, what happens after is equally vital for your overall well-being and quality of life. Postoperative physical therapy is the key to a swift and effective return to normal life or a slow and compromised recovery. At TRI Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, we believe that post-surgery, the healing process is not yet complete. It’s a transition to a step-by-step personalized structured rehabilitation program, where physical therapy takes the lead in achieving the best possible level of recovery.

Indeed, the days and weeks after surgery are the most critical phase of recovery, in which the body slowly starts to heal the tremendous amount of trauma caused by surgery. The initial stages are the time to lie down and rest while natural healing occurs. Still, overactivity is a consistent result of prolonged inactivity, with complications such as weakened muscles, decreased flexibility, and a decrease in endurance. This is where physical therapy comes in, with all the necessary interventions in place to ensure that not only recovery is fast but also comprehensive.

Starting physical therapy soon after surgery offers several significant benefits, extending beyond mere recovery. It notably accelerates the return to daily activities. Guided physical movements actually expedite the inflow of blood to the surgical site, a crucial factor in delivering the nutrients and oxygen necessary for recovery. Enhanced circulation aids in reducing edema and preventing blood clot formation, which are common post-surgical complications.

Another key advantage of postoperative physical therapy is pain management. Almost all patients usually have pain and are in discomfort after surgery. A physical therapist from our clinic is adequately trained in techniques for treating pain, such as massage, manual therapy, and mobilization, so there will not be over-dependence on prescription pain relievers that can be addictive and have side effects. A reduction in pain will make it probable that patients will be able to move sooner, which is very important for recovery.

Physical therapy also helps to restore the total range of motion to the body parts that have been affected. Mobility is generally restricted following the surgery due to pain, swelling, and stiffness. This is when the therapists will use exercises and stretches specifically designed to restore the ability of motion and suppleness. This way, patients can return to their normal activities sooner and also ensure that their movements will not cause any further damage to the healing tissues.

At TRI Physical Therapy, the rehabilitation program that we offer is much more customized to meet the exact needs of each patient or the circumstances that surround them. We understand that each surgery and every patient are not the same. This individualized approach ensures that the therapy meets the unique challenges and recovery goals defined for each individual. Even more, individualized plans for therapy can take unique surgical recovery, health, and fitness levels into account for each specific patient.

Our goal at TRI Physical Therapy Brooklyn is to ensure that you achieve a level of health and function that may have been out of your reach prior to surgery. Our team of dedicated physical therapists uses state-of-the-art techniques to make you stronger and faster. Book your consultation today!

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