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Tri Medical Therapy, Pain Management, and Trauma Center in Brooklyn, New York, is excited to announce the introduction of state-of-the-art spinal cord stimulator therapy, performed by the esteemed pain management specialist, Dr. Ilana Etelzon. This groundbreaking therapy offers new hope for individuals suffering from chronic pain, providing a non-invasive solution for enhanced quality of life. 

The spinal cord stimulator is an implanted neurostimulation device that inhibits the sensation of pain. The benefits of a spinal cord stimulator include significant pain relief without relying on opioids or invasive procedures. Spinal cord stimulator therapy is a less intrusive alternative compared to traditional surgeries, leading to reduced recovery time and discomfort.

Dr. Ilana Etelzon, renowned for her expertise in pain relief options, leads the way in spinal cord stimulator therapy. Dr. Etelzon employs the latest stimulation patterns, including the use of Differential Target Multiplexed (DTM) stimulation and fast-acting subperception techniques, tailored to individual patient needs. Patients at Tri Medical Therapy,  Pain Management, and Trauma Center can now access this cutting-edge therapy, providing a renewed sense of hope and improved well-being.

Individuals who may be candidates for spinal cord stimulation are those experiencing chronic leg or arm pain caused by conditions like arthritis, spinal stenosis, or nerve damage. Also, suitable patients may include those with failed back surgery syndrome, non-surgical refractory back pain not suitable for surgery, complex regional pain syndrome, arachnoiditis, stump pain, angina, peripheral vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, or painful diabetic neuropathy (when conventional medical treatment is ineffective or intolerable).

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