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Although no one wants to experience workplace injuries, physical therapy is an effective way to facilitate healing and rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation doctors in Brooklyn can help you return to your normal daily activities, including safely returning to work as soon as possible. After experiencing a personal injury of slip and fall you are eligible to receive work compensation for physical therapy. TriPT physical therapy can be used to treat a range of injuries, from torn muscles to fractures, and even dance injuries if they occur while you’re on the job. Our trained team of professionals share a goal of getting you back on your feet and pain-free.

There are several common causes of slip and fall injuries at work that employers and employees should be aware of. For example, icy or wet surfaces, greasy or contaminated surfaces, inadequate lighting, disorganized workspaces, uncovered cabling, uneven flooring, damaged tiling, carpets, or rugs, and unclosed bottom drawers can all contribute to slips and falls.  Falls and tripping hazards are common occurrences in any workplace that can happen at any time. Even those who work in seemingly safe environments like offices or desk jobs can experience a work injury. Construction sites or manufacturing warehouses contain the most obvious fall hazards with loss of traction due to water, ice, dust, or debris getting in the way.

Physical Therapy For A Workplace Injury
Workplace injuries are a common occurrence, and many employers and doctors understand the benefits of physical therapy for injured workers. PT can help speed up the recovery process, preventing you from sitting around waiting to heal and possibly even further injuring yourself. Physical therapists can provide valuable knowledge and advice on preventing future injuries and avoiding lost work.

Physical therapy treatments can greatly benefit other common work-related injuries, including strains from repetitive movement, machine entanglement, vehicle collisions, dance injuries, muscle strains, sprained ankles, pulled backs, torn ligaments, and overexertion injuries. By undergoing physical therapy, workers can receive the necessary treatment to recover from their injuries and return to work safely.

Why Choose Physiotherapy Treatment
Physiotherapy can effectively treat many work-related injuries by reducing pain and inflammation, improving movement and function, and helping to prevent further injury. TriPT physiotherapists use a combination of techniques, including exercise, manual therapy, and education to address the underlying causes of an injury, rather than just treating the symptoms. They conduct a thorough assessment of the injury to determine the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan to address it. By addressing the underlying causes, physiotherapy can help prevent future injuries, for example, if an injury is caused by poor posture, the physiotherapist will work with the patient to improve posture and strengthen the muscles that support it.

Physiotherapy can also speed up the healing process by reducing pain and inflammation and increasing blood flow to the injured area. This can help employees return to work quickly and safely. Physiotherapists can work with employees to create a return-to-work plan that accommodates their injury and helps them perform their job safely.

It’s crucial to report any injuries as soon as possible to prevent workers’ compensation from denying your claim. Delaying reporting an injury can weaken the claim, and it’s best to seek medical attention the same day as the slip and fall. If emergency medical attention is required, call for an ambulance. Otherwise, go to an urgent care center or your primary care provider. In most places of business, workers’ compensation covers the costs of any medical treatment needed after a workplace injury. This is especially important for physically demanding jobs where the risk of injury is high. Workers’ comp includes coverage for physical therapy, ensuring that injured workers can receive the necessary treatment to recover and return to work as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing pain from an ongoing medical condition or a sudden injury, it may be time to consult with experts in the field of pain medicine. When traditional approaches to pain relief are not effective, advanced diagnosis and treatment may be necessary. Request a consultation at Physical Therapy Brooklyn, which has two locations to best serve you by calling 718-908-2000 now.

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