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Sports injuries - Physical Therapy in Brooklyn

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Sports injury rehab is best begun as soon after the initial inflammatory stage as possible. Due to the pain and discomfort that results from an injury, it’s easy to fall into poor habits that could compromise your healing and recovery. For example, if you hurt one leg, favoring the other can lead to other injuries or even a permanent limp.

The three stages of your sports physical therapy include:

  1. Early stage. This is the most vulnerable stage in many ways said Anna Fyodorova, MS, PT, DPT, MBA, sports physical therapist in Brooklyn because your muscles, tissues, and bones are usually still weak from the damage. Rushing this stage can lead to poor movement habits, ineffective healing, and a potential re-injury. Gentle exercises, physical manipulation, hydrotherapy, and yoga-style stretches keep your muscles limber, loose, and ready for more advanced rehabilitation.
  2. Mid-stage. This stage involves slowly building and strengthening the compromised tissues as you heal. The goal here is to increase the mobility and overall function. Good tensile strength equals healthier and stronger tissue for the continued progression toward full health.
  3. Late stage. This stage looks almost like normal weightlifting or an exercise regimen, but it’s actually exercises tailored appropriately to stress and build the healing tissues in such a way as to ready them for every day and athletic activity.

Your specific goals depend on your activity level or chosen sport before the injury or illness happened. Your recovery also depends on the damage done to your joint or tissue. Most injury rehab and sports physical therapy programs seek to progressively increase the physical load as you work to restore your muscle strength. This gives you the proper base for all your activities.

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