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Strength training can maximize your athletic performance and reduce your chances of injury!

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At TriPT NYC, we specialize in providing you with the latest techniques to understand your current body mechanisms and help you reach your performance goals. We can help you discover the power of your body’s potential and will help you implement the activities that attribute to your success. While your on-field performance is important, it’s also essential to invest in strength training techniques that continually improve your muscle groups so that you are less prone to injuries.

Combined with functional exercise training that targets your lifestyle and diet, exercise training helps you achieve your fitness goals with minimal effort. Performing exercises for the same muscle groups will help them repair properly and become stronger over time. If you are looking to take your athletic performance to the next level and speed up your recovery time, strength and endurance training with our team of Physical Therapy experts that can assess your movements and create a customized plan for your success.

“Our specialists have the most advanced training, are part of the Olympic medical team, USA triathlon, USA swimming team, New York road runners, and are the most experienced and best physical therapists in Brooklyn (PT).”

How can muscular strength and endurance training reduce your chances of an injury?

Strength training is an essential component in helping passionate athletes, such as yourself, in a healthy condition. Stronger muscles and tendons will help your body achieve proper alignment and protect the joints from moving unexpectedly under impact. Strength training enables your ligaments to absorb the shock applied to them during dynamic movements that may include jumping, running, and squatting.

Along with improving your performance on the field, strength training and endurance exercises can provide your body with numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved posture
  • Enriched bone health as you age
  • Enhanced body mechanics 
  • Stabilized muscle groups that increase your range of motion and mobility
  • Better blood circulation to energize your body’s functions at a faster pace
  • Reduced tension in tendons and joints, and decreased muscle soreness
  • Stretching methods that promote muscle relaxation

Reaching an optimum use of your muscles with our qualified PT team

While you work, play sports, clean the house, and do your job, you engage a whole slew of muscles — even if you sit at a desk all day. By simulating the movements that are a part of your daily routine, you strengthen and improve the flexibility of the muscles you use to do those activities. You’ll end up being more efficient in your movements. And you’ll reduce the chances that you’ll strain those muscles or incur an even worse injury.

Functional strength training teaches you to engage a number of muscles that, in some cases, you don’t normally use at all when doing a certain task.

For example, by learning a proper squat from your physical therapist, you not only prevent back injuries when you bend to pick something up, but you engage your thighs, buttocks, and calf muscles in addition to muscles in your lower back — that makes optimum use of those large, strong muscle groups. Our specialists offer a number of the latest techniques to prevent and treat upper, mid, or lower back pain.

Strength training regulates muscle imbalances

Muscle imbalances are one of the most common reasons why active individuals get injured. When a muscle group becomes stronger than a group of muscles in the same area, the weaker group of muscles becomes fatigued and more prone to get injured. Further, an unexpected muscle contraction can cause damage to the surrounding weaker muscles.

With intense muscle conditioning and frequent strength training, your body will become less susceptible to injures. So the next time you think about skipping your strength training session, think of all the on and off possibilities that you can encounter by training your muscle groups. Our specialists are widely regarded, the techniques are cutting-edge and the range of services is comprehensive. You never have to go to another practice when you’re looking for physical therapy.

Are you ready to enter 2022 feeling like your best self? Our range of Physical Therapy excercises will get you there!

TRI Physical Therapy (PT) offers a hands-on, one-on-one approach to physical rehabilitation, improving movement, and managing pain. Our top-rated physical therapists provide a fundamentally new form of innovative and personalized rehabilitation care. At our center, we combine traditional techniques for back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle pain with alternative treatments, and cutting-edge chiropractic services.

If you are a healthy and active individual, you are more prone to musculoskeletal injures that can keep you from the things you love. At TriPT NYC, our team of experts can keep you more on the field and less on the bench!

 Contact us for effective treatment and proven preventative steps.

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