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Upper Back Pain : Understanding Treatment Options

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Upper back pain is an increasingly prevalent concern, often stemming from improper posture, improper lifting techniques, or prolonged muscular stress. At TRI Physical Therapy in New York City, we specialize in relieving upper back muscle strain or tension pain relief as a viable alternative to surgery or post-op recovery – our main objectives being pain management, range restoration, and providing education on how to prevent future discomfort recurrences with tailored treatment plans specifically addressing any behaviours contributing to repeated discomfort episodes.

TRI Physical Therapy’s comprehensive physical therapy approach offers various pain-relief techniques tailored to address upper back discomfort caused by muscle strain or tension, including spinal decompression, orthopedic manipulation, prolotherapy, laser therapy, and spinal cord stimulator implant, as well as homeopathic trigger point injections, homeopathic trigger point injections ozone therapy neural therapy PRP therapy as well as intra articular laser therapy. Our experienced team customizes treatment plans tailored specifically for upper back discomfort that ultimately improves overall health and well-being.

TRI Physical Therapy offers cutting-edge treatments that go above and beyond standard practices to guarantee patients receive top-tier care. If you suffer from upper back muscle tension or strain, contact TRI Physical Therapy for effective management to restore comfort and well-being.

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